Heat & Mass Transfer

What are the Evaporators in AC unit or Refrigeration System?

What are evaporators? Any idea! In this article, we will learn the basics of evaporators in AC unit and refrigeration system along with parts, working principles, evaporator coil concept, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What are Evaporators in AC & Refrigeration? Let’s try to understand the basics of evaporators! Refrigeration and air conditioning have become an […]

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Newton’s Law of Cooling – Definition, Differential Equations, Formula, Examples

In this article, we will learn Newton’s law of cooling along with the basic statement, definition, explanation, differential equations, formula, and many examples. Let’s explore! What is Newton’s Law of Cooling? Definition Newton’s Law of Cooling Basics The cooling of numerous objects is often narrated by a theory termed Newton’s Law of Cooling, assigned by […]

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What are Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers? Definition, Parts, Types, Working

Shell and tube heat exchangers are described along with basics, definition, parts, working principle, types, construction, application, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Let’s explore! What are Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers? Shell and Tube Heat Exchange basics A heat exchanger is a device which, as the name suggests, helps in the process of exchanging or transferring energy […]

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Cooling Towers – Types, Parts, Diagrams, Fans & Uses

Cooling towers are explained along with it’s basic details, definition, parts, working principle, description of all components, applications, etc. Let’s explore the cooling tower! What are Cooling Towers? Cooling Tower basics The cooling tower is one of the important parts especially in power stations and large industries. In industries like sugarcane factories, the cooling tower […]

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What are Heat Exchangers – Definition, Parts, Types

Heat exchangers are described along with the basic definition, parts, types, applications, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Let’s start heat exchangers! What are Heat Exchangers? We will start with the basics of heat exchangers! Heat Exchanger Basics If you are into a thermal system, you may have heard about heat exchangers. Basically, as the name exchange suggests […]

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Thermal Conduction, Convection, Radiation -Heat Transfer

Thermal conduction, convection & radiation are the modes of heat transfer and it is a nice topic that will be discussed here. Here, we will learn all the details about heat, heat transfer, and modes of heat transfer. Heat is an energy that can be transferred from one body to another body and it is […]

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