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What is Galvanization? Definition, Meaning, Process, Applications

In this article, we will learn what is galvanization along with definition, meaning, process, working procedure, terminologies, types, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What is Galvanization? Definition, Meaning Let’s try to understand the basics of galvanization with definition & meaning! Galvanization Basics Let’s learn the galvanization basics! The inventions of metals have been quite essential for […]

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What are some Properties of Non-metals? Physical & Chemical Properties

In this article, we will learn the properties of non-metals along with various examples, etc. Let’s explore! What are the Properties of Non-Metals Let’s try to understand the properties of non-metals. When we look around, the whole world is made of matter. All of it is in either in form of elements, compounds, and mixtures. […]

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Iron Carbon Phase or Equilibrium Diagram or Iron Carbide Diagram

In this article, we will learn the basic concept of the iron-carbon phase diagram or equilibrium diagram. It is also called an iron carbide phase diagram as well. Let’s explore! Iron-Carbon Phase or Equilibrium Diagram Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram Basics Carbon is the most crucial member of alloying elements which notably affects the allotropy and chemical […]

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What are the properties of Metals? Physical, Chemical & Mechanical Properties

What are the properties of metals? many times, we asked this question, as each metal has some physical and chemical properties! In this article, we will learn these all properties in details! let’s explore! What are the Properties of Metals? Let’s start with the basics of the properties of metals! In our daily life, we […]

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Types of Metals – Basic, Example, Applications

Let’s learn about the types of metals. Metals are one of the abundant elements that are present on earth. This is one of the most prominent and essential things for humanity as it can be used for different purposes. Whether it is the construction or manufacturing of different equipment or structures, metals are used everywhere. […]

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