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Steam Boiler – Definition, Parts, Working, Types, Advantages, Applications

Let’s learn steam boiler along with basics, definition, parts, working principle, types, advantages, disadvantages, applications. Let’s explore steam boiler! What is Steam Boiler? Definition Steam Boiler Basics Let’s explore the basics of a boiler or a steam boiler. What do you mean by steam boiler? As the name suggests, it is clearly understood that it […]

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Brayton Cycle – Definition, Meaning, Efficiency, Ts, Pv Diagram, Equations

Brayton cycle is explained along with efficiency, T-s, and P-v, diagrams, etc. This article consists of many easy diagrams, explanations, formulas, and examples to clear the basic idea about the Brayton cycle. Let’s explore! What is Brayton Cycle? Let’s get into the basic definition of the Brayton cycle, its definition, history. Brayton Cycle Basics The […]

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Rankine Cycle – Ts, Pv Diagrams, Reheat, Equations, Examples

Rankine cycle is explained along with T-s, P-v, diagrams, reheat, etc. All the formulas and examples are well captured to have a basic idea. Let’s explore! What is Rankine Cycle? Let’s learn the learn Rankine cycle with basic, definition, history. Rankine Cycle Basics The Rankine cycle is one of the popular cycles widely used by […]

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Cooling Towers – Types, Parts, Diagrams, Fans & Uses

Cooling towers are explained along with it’s basic details, definition, parts, working principle, description of all components, applications, etc. Let’s explore the cooling tower! What are Cooling Towers? Cooling Tower basics The cooling tower is one of the important parts especially in power stations and large industries. In industries like sugarcane factories, the cooling tower […]

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Nuclear Power Plant and Nuclear Energy

The nuclear power plant is the current trend in all kinds of power plants. The energy from the nuclear power plant or any nuclear action is known as Nuclear Energy. The population is increasing day by day and the demand for energy is also increasing gradually. In conventional power plants, coal, gas, oil, etc. are widely used. […]

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Thermal Power Plant – Basic, Definition, Parts, Working Principle

The Thermal power plant, as the name suggests, generates power from the thermal energy. This is the most conventional power plant all over the world. Each country, a huge amount of power is generated by the thermal power plant. In this session, we will learn the details of the thermal power plant, it’s working principle, various […]

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Hydroelectric Power Plant & Hydroelectric Energy

A hydroelectric power plant or hydropower plant is used to generate electricity from the potential energy of the water at the high-level water. There is a limited source of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum gases, oil, etc. and to avert the pollutions from these fossil fuels, now a day, hydroelectric plants are built in many […]

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Solar energy & Solar Panels – Details of Solar Power

The solar energy is the most valuable chapter in renewable energy now a day. The ultimate source of energy means we all know that the sun and sunlight are the largest energy received by the Earth. How solar energy is harnessed from the sun with the help of different solar panels, let’s explore! Solar Energy – Introduction Solar energy plays a vital role in the […]

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Geothermal Energy – Geothermal Power Plant, Basic

Let’s learn Control Volume! Have you made tea at any time? Or have you seen your mother or father make tea? When we make tea, we put some water along with ingredients in a kettle and put it on the oven.

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