Refrigeration Basics

What are Scroll Air Compressors? Definition, Works, Applications

In this article, we will learn all about the scroll air compressors, including definition, how does scroll compressors work, advantages, disadvantages, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What are Scroll Air Compressors? Scroll Air Compressor Basics Let’s learn the basics of scroll air compressors! When we need to increase the pressure of fluid but at the same […]

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What are the Evaporators in AC unit or Refrigeration System?

What are evaporators? Any idea! In this article, we will learn the basics of evaporators in AC unit and refrigeration system along with parts, working principles, evaporator coil concept, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What are Evaporators in AC & Refrigeration? Let’s try to understand the basics of evaporators! Refrigeration and air conditioning have become an […]

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What is a Refrigerant in AC? Definition, Types, R134a, R22, R410a, R290, R32, R407c

In this article, we will learn the basics of refrigerant, various types, properties, working principles, basic details of R134a, R22, R410a, R290, R32, R407c, etc. Let’s explore! What is a Refrigerant? Basics & Definition Refrigerant Basics The refrigerant absorbs heat and leaves the cool air behind when moved forward in the refrigerating machine. Its state […]

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Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle – Definition, Working, Parts, Applications

In this article, we will learn the vapor absorption refrigeration cycle along with the definition, working, parts, advantages, disadvantages, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What is Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle? Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Basics The vapor absorption refrigeration cycle works on one of the oldest methods of producing the refrigerating effect. French scientist Ferdinand Carré […]

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Screw Air Compressors – Components, Working, Types, Applications

Screw compressors or screw air compressors are explained along with basics, definition, components, different types, working principles, applications, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Let’s explore screw compressor or screw air compressor! What are Screw Air Compressors? Let,s get into the basic understanding and definition of screw compressor. Screw Compressor Basics Compressors are the machines that are used […]

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Centrifugal Compressors – Parts, Working, Applications, Pros & Cons

Centrifugal compressors are described along with all the required information, such as their core definition, components, working, applications, pros, and cons. Let’s explore Centrifugal compressors! What are Centrifugal Compressors? Let’s try to understand the basics as well as definition of centrifugal compressors. Centrifugal Compressors Basics Centrifugal compressors as we know that there are different kinds […]

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Reciprocating Compressors – Parts, Types, Applications, Advantages

Reciprocating compressors are described along with different parts, types, applications, advantages, disadvantages etc. Let’s explore Reciprocating compressors! Reciprocating Compressors Basics Let’s try to understand the basics of reciprocating compressors! There are some innovations and phenomena which hold massive value. We can also deduce that some natural attributes should be contained to get the maximum out […]

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What is Global Warming Potential? Causes and Effects

The causes of global warming, its effects, its potential along with impacts on the environments, remedies, etc. are explained in this article. Let’s explore! Causes of Global Warming & Effects Before understanding the causes of global warming, or global warming potential, or GWP, let’s try to understand global warming first. In recent times, our environment […]

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Ozone depletion potential – ODP Causes and effects

Ozone depletion potential or ODP is a very crucial matter in the recent era. In this article, we will learn, what is ODP, why ozone layer depletion happens, root causes, effects, etc. Let’s explore the ozone depletion potential! Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) Let’s try to understand ozone depletion potential. The advancements in the technologies come […]

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What is Refrigeration Cycle? – Basic & Explanation

The refrigeration cycle is the main basic cycle for all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. In this chapter, we will discuss, basic of a refrigeration cycle, mainly vapour compression cycle, main concept, parts, components, working principle along with a real example etc. Let’s get into Refrigeration cycle! What is Refrigeration Cycle? Refrigeration cycle is thermodynamic […]

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Coefficient of Performance, COP – Basic, Formula, Example

The coefficient of performance is one of the main key factors for stating the efficiency of the air conditioning systems, refrigerators, or heat pumps. It is abbreviated as COP or CP or CoP. When you want to buy an air conditioner or refrigerator or a heat pump, the very first thing you have to check in the shop is […]

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Psychrometry and Psychrometric Chart – Basic & Details

Let’s learn psychrometry & psychrometric chart. The Psychrometry is the science of studying the properties of air-water mixtures. It is widely used to illustrate and analyze the characteristics of air-water mixtures in refrigeration, air conditioning processes, and many other processes.  Psychrometric Chart is a graphical representation where all psychrometric parameters can be derived. Psychrometry Do you know where from […]

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