Renewable Energy

Wind Turbine, Wind Energy & Wind Power – Parts & Basic

Wind turbine, wind energy, or wind power are explained along with basic details, types, various applications, advantages, disadvantages etc. Let’s explore! Wind Turbine, Wind Energy or Wind Power Let’s try to understand wind turbine, wind energy, or wind power. The need of the hour is to move the energy and power requirements to renewable sources. […]

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Solar energy & Solar Panels – Details of Solar Power

The solar energy is the most valuable chapter in renewable energy now a day. The ultimate source of energy means we all know that the sun and sunlight are the largest energy received by the Earth. How solar energy is harnessed from the sun with the help of different solar panels, let’s explore! Solar Energy – Introduction Solar energy plays a vital role in the […]

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Geothermal Energy – Geothermal Power Plant, Basic

Let’s learn Control Volume! Have you made tea at any time? Or have you seen your mother or father make tea? When we make tea, we put some water along with ingredients in a kettle and put it on the oven.

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