Strength of Materials

What is Stress and Strain? Definition, Types, Formula, Equations, Relationship

Stress and strain is explained along with definition, formula, or equations, a lot of examples. Let’s explore stress & strain! What is Stress and Strain? Definition   Stress and Strain Basic Concept Take a body, and apply some external force on it. What will happen? Will the body be same after the application of force or […]

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What is Free Body Diagram in Physics – Definition, Purpose, Examples, Calculation, Equations

In this blog, we will learn all about the free body diagram, its basic purpose, a lot of examples, explanation, calculation, equations, its use in mechanics, and how to draw it. Let’s begin! What is a Free Body Diagram? Let’s try to understand the basics of free body diagram, its definition, meaning, etc. Free Body […]

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What is Poisson’s Ratio? Definition, Meaning, Formula, Equation, Examples

What is Poisson’s Ratio? Any prior concept! We will explain the definition, meaning along with the equation or formula and a lot of examples. In this article, we will also include the standard value of Poisson’s ratio of steel, concrete, wood, aluminium, etc. widely used materials. Let’s explore this Ratio! What is Poisson’s Ratio? Definiton […]

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Mohr’s Circle for Stress-Strain – Equations, 2D, Examples

Learning objectives: Mohr’s circle is explained below with a brief explanation of each terminology for a better understanding of the concept. Here you will learn about the basics of Mohr’s circle, how to plot it, its uses, and its importance in advanced engineering. Let’s get started! What is Mohr’s Circle? Mohr’s Circle Definition Mohr’s circle […]

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Stress-Strain Curve – Diagram, Basic

Stress-Strain Curve is explained along with detailed diagram and explanation of each point in the curve to better understanding. Here, we will learn the curve, along with a diagram, stress strain diagram of many material, their characteristics. Let’s explore! What is Stress-Strain Curve? Stress-Strain Curve Definition Stress-Strain Curve, as the name suggests, it’s basically related […]

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