Thermal Engineering

Boiler Mountings & Accessories – Basics, Types, Working

Boiler mountings and accessories are described along with basics, different types, their workings to clear the basic concept. Let’s explore! Boiler Mountings and Accessories As the name suggests, boiler mountings and accessories are the associated components in the Boiler. Now, before going to mounting and accessories, let’s get a basic idea about the boiler. A […]

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Steam Boiler – Definition, Parts, Working, Types, Advantages, Applications

Let’s learn steam boiler along with basics, definition, parts, working principle, types, advantages, disadvantages, applications. Let’s explore steam boiler! What is Steam Boiler? Definition A steam boiler is a power generation device that generates steam by applying heat energy to water. It is in the form of a closed vessel made up of steel in […]

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