What is the First Law of Thermodynamics? Definition, Example, Equation

In this article, MechStudies tries to explain all about the first law of thermodynamics like definition, how it’s related to the conservation of energy, identifying instances where the law works in everyday situations, and finally in calculating changes in the internal energy after considering the work done and heat transferred. So without any further adieu […]

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Brayton Cycle – Definition, Meaning, Efficiency, Ts, Pv Diagram, Equations

Brayton cycle is explained along with efficiency, T-s, and P-v, diagrams, etc. This article consists of many easy diagrams, explanations, formulas, and examples to clear the basic idea about the Brayton cycle. Let’s explore! What is Brayton Cycle? Let’s get into the basic definition of the Brayton cycle, its definition, history. Brayton Cycle Basics The […]

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Rankine Cycle – Ts, Pv Diagrams, Reheat, Equations, Examples

Rankine cycle is explained along with T-s, P-v, diagrams, reheat, etc. All the formulas and examples are well captured to have a basic idea. Let’s explore! What is Rankine Cycle? Let’s learn the learn Rankine cycle with basic, definition, history. Rankine Cycle Basics The Rankine cycle is one of the popular cycles widely used by […]

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What is Fuel? Definition, Types of Fuels – Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG, Ethanol for Cars

What is fuel, along with fuel definition, types of fuels are described along with advantages, disadvantages, impacts on the environments. Let’s explore types of fuels! What is fuel – Definition & Types of Fuel? When we drive a car, what is the primary thing we do? We go to petrol pump and fill the oil […]

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Solar energy & Solar Panels – Details of Solar Power

The solar energy is the most valuable chapter in renewable energy now a day. The ultimate source of energy means we all know that the sun and sunlight are the largest energy received by the Earth. How solar energy is harnessed from the sun with the help of different solar panels, let’s explore! Solar Energy – Introduction Solar energy plays a vital role in the […]

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Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics – Details & Applications

The zeroth law of thermodynamics is one of the basic laws in our study. From this law, we will learn, how temperature drives thermal equilibrium between objects. Here, we will describe the details of the law, along with examples, applications. Let’s explore the law! Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics  The zeroth law of thermodynamics can be […]

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Intensive Properties & Extensive Properties – Examples

Intensive properties and extensive properties are the most interesting properties which are explained in the simplest way. There are certain characteristics to understand the physical conditions in every system. These are mass, pressure, temperature, volume, density, color, boiling point, etc. and these all are known as properties of the system. Let’s take any two properties […]

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Open system, Closed System & Isolated System – Details

Open system, Closed system & Isolated system will be explored here. There are so many systems that are required to study in thermodynamics. A system means simply the collection of matter which needs to be studied in thermodynamics. It may be the water in a pipe or in an open container, or engine oil in […]

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What is Thermodynamics – Definition, Laws, Applications

What is thermodynamics, or thermodynamics is the most common term in engineering, will be explained in this article. We will learn, the basic, definition, different branches, properties, etc. with a simple explanation. Let’s Explore! What is Thermodynamics? The word, Thermodynamics came from the Greek word THERME and DYNAMICS. THERME means HEAT in GREEK. DYNAMICS means […]

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Control Volume – Basic, Definition, Diagram, Examples

The control volume is described along with a lot of examples, explanations, diagrams, types, characteristics. Let’s explore! Control Volume Let’s learn Control Volume! Have you made tea at any time? Or have you seen your mother or father make tea? When we make tea, we put some water along with ingredients in a kettle and […]

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Geothermal Energy – Geothermal Power Plant, Basic

Let’s learn Control Volume! Have you made tea at any time? Or have you seen your mother or father make tea? When we make tea, we put some water along with ingredients in a kettle and put it on the oven.

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