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What is Stress and Strain? Definition, Types, Formula, Equations, Relationship

Stress and strain is explained along with definition, formula, or equations, a lot of examples. Let’s explore stress & strain! What is Stress and Strain? Definition   Stress and Strain Basic Concept Take a body, and apply some external force on it. What will happen? Will the body be same after the application of force or […]

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What is the First Law of Thermodynamics? Definition, Example, Equation

In this article, MechStudies tries to explain all about the first law of thermodynamics like definition, how it’s related to the conservation of energy, identifying instances where the law works in everyday situations, and finally in calculating changes in the internal energy after considering the work done and heat transferred. So without any further adieu […]

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Steam Boiler – Definition, Parts, Working, Types, Advantages, Applications

Let’s learn steam boiler along with basics, definition, parts, working principle, types, advantages, disadvantages, applications. Let’s explore steam boiler! What is Steam Boiler? Definition A steam boiler is a power generation device that generates steam by applying heat energy to water. It is in the form of a closed vessel made up of steel in […]

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What is Free Body Diagram in Physics – Definition, Purpose, Examples, Calculation, Equations

In this blog, we will learn all about the free body diagram, its basic purpose, a lot of examples, explanation, calculation, equations, its use in mechanics, and how to draw it. Let’s begin! What is a Free Body Diagram? Let’s try to understand the basics of free body diagram, its definition, meaning, etc. Free Body […]

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What is Automatic Transmission? Parts, Types, Working, Advantages

What is automatic transmission? Any idea! In this article, we will explore automatic automation, along with types, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Let’s explore! What is Automatic Transmission? Definition of Automatic Transmission The automatic transmission systems are also known as the self-shifting transmission or dual pedal technology. It is a multi-speed transmission system that doesn’t require input […]

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Split AC Units or Split Air Conditioners or Split AC System as Room Air Conditioners

Learning Objectives, To learn about split AC units or split air conditioners as room air conditioners. With rising global temperatures and disparity in the seasons, air conditioners have become more of a necessity than a luxury today! Since there’s a broad range of options available in the market to buy from selecting the perfect air […]

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What are Chain Drives? Definition, Meaning, Types, Applications, Advantages

What are chain drives? In this article, we are going to learn a core concept of chain drives, definition, meaning, different types of chain drive, advantages, disadvantages, applications, etc. Let’s explore! What are Chain Drives? So, what is a chain drive? Let’s learn from the basics. Chain Drives Basics Do you know there are a […]

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What is Extrusion Process? Definition, Meaning, Types, Working Principle, Applications

What is extrusion process? Would you like to learn all about this process like extrusion definition, meaning, all types, working principle, advanatges, disadvantages, application, etc.? Let’s get in! What is Extrusion Process? Definition & Meaning Let’s learn about the basics of the extrusion process as well as definition and meaning. Extrusion Process Basics There are […]

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Brayton Cycle – Definition, Meaning, Efficiency, Ts, Pv Diagram, Equations

Brayton cycle is explained along with efficiency, T-s, and P-v, diagrams, etc. This article consists of many easy diagrams, explanations, formulas, and examples to clear the basic idea about the Brayton cycle. Let’s explore! What is Brayton Cycle? Let’s get into the basic definition of the Brayton cycle, its definition, history. Brayton Cycle Basics The […]

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