Electric Mopeds for Adults: Definition, Parts, Best Models & Guide

Do you have any idea about Electric mopeds? The moped is a Swedish term that means the pedal cycle with motor and pedal. But in the new era, the perception of this word has changed and the moped refers to the motorized two-wheel vehicle without pedals, and also the definition of this particular word has been changed from state to state.

Let’s explore!

What are Electric Mopeds?

The electric moped also uses the battery as a source of energy.

The electric mopeds also drive the motorcycle and it also needs the rider to ride. As these are completely battery-driven, they are cost-efficient and emission-free.

The design of the moped set them apart from the other electric micro-mobility vehicles. They have a frame where the rider can sit on the lower seat, place the feet in front of them on the floorboard, and have it slightly higher from the handle.

electric mopeds adults definition parts best models guide basics
Electric mopeds adults definition parts best models guide basics

The electric moped can reach the speed limit of 30-35 miles per hour. These are the perfect vehicle for the urban resident to communicate with the city which is under 10 to 15 kilometers.

Why Do You Choose Electric Mopeds?

Several aspects we need to consider before choosing the electric moped.

  • Outfit
  • Storage and security
  • Maintenance and equipment
  • Commute distance


As compared to the electric bicycle the electric moped generally drives at a higher speed and hence its ability to wear the rider proper safety attire like hand gloves, helmet, riding jacket, and proper shoes.

Storage and safety

If anyone buys something they need proper storage space to keep the electric vehicle safe and sound when it is not in use. Also, need proper cover to resist water and dust.

Maintenance and equipment

The electric mopeds also need to be their routine maintenance and replacement of the parts. The major parts of an electric moped are a battery which will be replaced in regular cadence.

Commute distance

The electric mopeds are very worthy for medium-range having speeds of 30-35 miles per hour and for shorter distances (10-15 miles) between two cities. If the commute distance is shorter this is the better option.

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Objectives of Electric Mopeds

There are several objectives of the moped these are listed below: –

  • The electric moped is to be designed for enhancing or achieving better efficiency than any other internal combustion vehicle.
  • Generally, the two-wheelers motorcycle has a weight of more than 100 kg and the moped is designed to reduce the weight as much as possible in the two-wheeler segments.
  • One of the demerits of this electric moped is not enough speed as compared to the other internal combustion fuel, hence the objective of the moped is to achieve the speed of the bicycle more and more.
  • As the demand for petroleum fuel is exceeding day by day with respect to the continuously falling availability of these fuels. The purpose of the electric motor is to diminish the demand for petroleum-based fuel.

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Parts of Electric Moped

Following are the several components of an electric moped:

  • Frame
  • Battery
  • Locking unit
  • Wire harness
  • Charger


The frame of an electric moped consists of wheels, seats, lights, proper suspension systems, and front brakes. The fundamental components of the electric moped are batteries.


Generally, batteries are the reservoir for the electric propelled vehicle. In the present day, lead oxide batteries are replaced with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are combined together which is wrapped with the plastic-coated covering. For managing the output and input power of the batteries we need to be a better control device. In terms of the control system, an electric control module is to be mounted at any part of the bicycle to achieve the goal, ECM decides the amount of energy is to be needed and the delivery of the power to the DC motor.

Locking unit

A locking unit is the safety device that is used to lock the vehicle, protecting it from theft. But rather than this, the main role of this unit is to get the vehicle switched on or off as desired.

Wire harness

The wire harness is the internal path of the communication system of the electric vehicle. With the help of this, the distribution of electric may be quite easier at different parts of the vehicle. These wires are of different colors and pass the signal from one component to another. Each and every wire have its individual and unique role in this system, these wires come with a plastic protective coating.


The charger is an electronic device that is used to recharge the battery of the electric moped. Now fast chargers are also used for rapid charging and it takes up to 6-8 hours to get a full charge.

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Mechanism of Electric Moped

All electric-driven vehicles are works on the same principle in which the electrical energy which is stored in the battery, is converted into mechanical energy by means of an external source i.e DC motor. The dc motor is mounted on the rear wheel and the speed of the motor can be controlled by the speed controller name throttle. 

When the throttle is pressed by the rider it transmits the command to the battery and the battery further assists the motor to move the vehicle forward. These batteries are rechargeable which stores the energy while running with the help of the alternator and releases them as on-demand.

Best Electric Mopeds

There are lots of electric moped manufacturers but at the current period of time, Pure EV trance is the best one for both males and females. This one is India’s first unisex electric moped which is best for all female age groups, teenagers. This electric moped is designed for developed cities. Its key features are listed below:

  • It has dual suspension
  • The LCD monitor and LED lights will make them gorgeous by look.
  • These are also having alloy wheels.
  • Its motor specification is 250W Brushless DC motor
  • It also comes with an anti-theft feature which means it has a smart lock system.
  • It has also very light weighted.
  • The battery power is 48 V 1000 wh which is portable.

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List of Best Electric Mopeds in World Markets

  • Segway emoped C8O
  • Zoom electric moped
  • Razor Poket mode
  • Vespa elettrica
  • Silence
  • Lexmoto yadea
  • Honda benly e
  • Super soco CPX
  • Cezeta
  • Rieju Nuuk

Segway Emoped C80

The design of this moped is very tempting and also fun- looking. This vehicle comes in several colours.  This electric moped widely used for self- balancing personal transport. The significant features of this electric moped are listed below: –

electric mopeds adults segway emoped c80
Electric mopeds adults segway emoped c80
  • It provides 20 miles per hour top speed
  • The battery of this vehicle is Lithium-ion whose capacity is 1152 Wh.
  • It travels up to fifty miles in single charging
  • It also has pedals for manual operations
  • It provides a very comfortable and smooth ride.
  • The smart GO! A system with NFC and one-touch operation provides this more convenient to use.

Demerits of Segway emoped C80

  • The place of pedals is a little bit awkward
  • The top speed of this vehicle is not up to the mark.

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Zoom electric moped

The zoom electric moped is a complete hybrid electric moped. Which offer to ride up to 30 mile per hour as the top speed. It comes with dual headlights and an LCD screen in which the rider can easily see the battery level, and speed of the vehicle. And a USB port for charging. The battery of this moped is also a lithium-ion battery. It also comes with the feature of a hydraulic braking system. The dc motor of this vehicle has a capacity of 1500 watts.

electric mopeds adults zoom electric mopeds
Electric moped adults zoom electric mopeds

Key Features

  • 1500-watt DC motor
  • USB charging port for mobile charging
  • Top speed of 30 miles per hour
  • The battery lasts up to 55 miles on a single charge.
  • It takes 6-7 hours for a charge.
  • Smooth aperture for looking on an LCD screen
  • Very comfortable seats
  • Dual headlights make it easy to ride at night.

Razor pocket mode

This one is a European Mini-style electric moped that comes with manual pedals. This is frequently favorable for Kids due to its light weight and funky design. It has a 24 V dc motor which feeds the speed up to 15 miles per hour. The life battery of this vehicle is last up to 40 minutes of continuous riding on a single charge.

electric mopeds adults razor pocket mod electric moped
Electric moped adults razor pocket mod electric moped

Key Features

  • Suitable for kids up to 13 years
  • 40 minutes of continuous riding
  • Duel Stand provides better stability
  • Light weight of this vehicle makes it much easier to ride for kids
  • The top speed of this moped is up to 15 miles per hour
  • 24 V electric Dc motor

Demerits of Razor Pocket Mod Electric Moped

  • It’s only for kids
  • Very less time of riding in a single charge.

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Vespa Elettrica

Vespa elettrica give the service to the world since 1974. And this one is the largest manufactures of the company in the past. Now this manufacturing company replace his 50 and 125 cc petrol motor to the 4-kilo watt electric motor which is compatible with 4.2 kilo watt batteries. These vehicle offers up 30 miles per hour and the top speed of this vehicle is 45 miles per hour.

electric mopeds adults vespa elettrica
Electric mopeds adults vespa elettrica


Silence is a wide manufacturing company of two-wheeler since 2013. This company frequently engages with the UK market. This offers two segments of electric moped one is S01 and S02. The top speed of these two bikes is up to 65miles per hour. It has a 9kW Dc motor with 5.6KW batteries which offers 80 miles on a single charge.

Key features

  • A 5.6 KW battery provides enough power to ride the vehicle at top speed.
  • It travels up to 80 miles in a single charge
  • It takes 5-6 hours to complete the charge.
electric mopeds adults silence s01 electric moped
Electric moped adults silence S01 electric moped

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Lexmoto yadea

This is one of the largest manufacturers of electric two-wheeler which widely spread its market in the UK. This manufacturing company introduce its electric moped in the past 2020. His G5 segment of electric moped covers all the new modern features of an electric moped. It offers up to 28 miles per hour speed. The range of this vehicle is up to 35 miles on a single charge. This is Bluetooth compatible which offers to connect your electronic device with the vehicle.

electric mopeds adults lexmoto yadea
Electric mopeds adults lexmoto yadea

Key features

  • It has a 2300-watt motor.
  • The top speed of this vehicle is up to 28 miles per hour
  • It covers up to 55 miles in a single charging
  • The weight of this vehicle is 75 kg
  • It takes 6 to 8 hours to full charge

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Honda Benly E

Honda is the top brand in Japan and it come very late in the field of electric vehicles. The aim of manufacturing an electric vehicle is to use food delivery purposes in Japan only. The Benly e comes with two segments one is e:1 and another is e:II. This vehicle also has a front basket and rear carriers. The top speed of this vehicle is up to 45 km per hour. The range of this bike is up to 87 km on a single charge. It also has a 21700 lithium-ion battery. This takes up to 4 hours to complete the charge.

electric mopeds adults honda benly e
Electric moped adults honda benly e

Key features

  • It has a front basket to offer riders to keep their belongings in the basket
  • The speed is up to 45 km per hour
  •  04 hours for a complete charge
  • The range is up to 87 km on a single charge.

Super Soco CPX

The super coco CPX electric moped comes with the following key benefits which is listed bellow

  • The top speed of this vehicle is up to 55 miles per hour
  • The range of this vehicle is up to 45 miles on a single charge
  • If it keeps 25 miles per hour this gives the range up to 115 mile in single charge.
  • It also has a warranty 4 to 5 years.
  •  It takes up to 3.5 hours to fully charge.
electric mopeds adults super soco CPX
Electric mopeds adults super soco CPX

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The key features of this vehicle are:-

  • Its body have galvanized steel frame.
  • The top speed is up to 72 mile per hours
  • This vehicle covers the range 52 miles to 105 mile in a single charge.
  • The batteries capacity varies from 4 KWh to 8.5 KWh
  • The motor capacity varies from 5.7 KW to 9.2 Kw
electric mopeds adults cezeta
Electric mopeds adults cezeta

Rieju Nuuk

Rieju Nuuk is made in Spain and it offers a top speed of 28 miles per hour, this vehicle has a 10.4 kW DC motor. The range of this vehicle is 70 miles on a single charge.  It is compatible with the fast charging option and it takes only 2.5 hour to complete the charge.

electric mopeds adults rieju nuuk
Electric mopeds adults rieju nuuk

Application of Electric Moped

Following are the application of electric moped:-

  • In day to day lives, electric moped has lots of applications in the field of transportation to being emerging new style of technology
  • This is the best media for the urban people having less space and parking problems
  • The design and the shape of this vehicle make it easy to use and an eco-friendly vehicle influence on the studying classes.

Advantages of Electric Moped

Following are the several advantages of the electric mopeds:-

  • As the size of the electric moped is small it is convenient to weave in and out of the traffic.
  • Several of the electric mopeds have a storage holding area or seat compartment, which is beneficial while keeping groceries.
  •  This is cheaper as compared to car and non-electric vehicles because of its uses electricity for charging and is relatively inexpensive.
  • An electric moped produces very minimal noise.

Disadvantages of Electric Moped

  • These electric mopeds are unable to ride on the highway on the sidewalk
  • Hence we know the electric mopeds are a little bit bulky than the electric scooter and electric bike, which make them harder to carry up any type of stairs to charge.

Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Mopeds

What are the uses of electric moped?

Electric moped is also coming in the two-wheeler segments and this perform probably same work like other motorcycle does.

Do the controller of electric moped easy?

As we know that the electric moped gears are absent. This absence of gear make rider relax and easy for ride. The acceleration of an electric moped works on the twist and go mechanism which enable the benefits in the field of comfort. Some electrical mopeds are come with features of different mode like economy mode, sports mode etc which have their own characteristics. However, all other controls like horn, indicator, brake light etc works same as other motor cycle.

Do electric moped make high noise?

Due to presence of DC motor the electric moped is quitter than the internal combustion vehicles. Only the sound of the electric motor may be heard while riding the electric moped.

Do electric moped have warranty as all other vehicle have?

Yes, the electric moped also has warrantees. The warrantees of these vehicles may vary from 02 to 03 years. The warrantee of these vehicles covers either the life of battery or the upper limit of distance travel by the electric moped.

Does the electric moped require routine maintenance and service?

As compared to the IC engine motor vehicle generally the electric vehicle has low service and maintenance cost because its uses battery rather than oil and natural gases. As the motor and batteries is non- serviceable item the routine maintenance which are declared in the document is not as much very costly general maintenance has been done over the consumable items like break shoe, tyres etc.

Are the spare parts of the electric moped easily available in the Market?

The spare parts of an electric moped are available on the service centre they can supply both the spare parts and the batteries also including the charger. Only we have to contact with near service centre.

If an electric moped battery is draining how I could acknowledge that?

The electric moped comes with the LCD display, in which the battery level indicator is display when the vehicle is in running condition. Now a day latest technology is also enabling the facilities that we can connect our phone and get connect with electric moped where can easily we can see the battery level of the vehicle.

How long to take complete charge the battery of an electric moped?

The battery of the electric moped normally can take 6 to 8 hours to get full charge. The charging time depends on the manufacturing model of the electric moped and it also depends on the charging socket like domestic charging socket and commercial charging station. Now in several electric moped models’ batteries comes with fast charging compatibility which is also reduce the time.

How much take the running cost of the electric moped?

In the electric moped only, the cost of electricity may apply. But this cost of electricity is very low which under 20 paise only. This has been calculated by comparing the electric moped with internal combustion motor vehicle.

Do we need licence to drive an electric moped?

Yes, we need licence of two-wheeler segment which may avail by applying an application at department of transport. 

Do we need registration document, road tax or number plate for electric moped?

Yes, we need registration document and number plate, which is given by authorised transport department. But we not need to pay any road tax because it does not emit any pollution like other vehicle. This eco- friendly compatibility of the electric moped exhibits to not pay the road tax.

How much can electric moped can travel after getting full charged?

Answer: The distance covered by an electric moped may depend up on the following factors listed below:-
The capacity of electric motor
Capacity of controller
Riding speed
Riding style
Use of electric moped components while driving
However, the range of the electric scooter may vary from 40 km to 100 km in a single charge.

How much speed of an electric moped?

The top speed of a vehicle is depending on the licence categories under which the vehicle fit. However, the speed of an electric scooter may vary from 45 km to 60 km per hour.

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The electric moped not only an eco- friendly but also very beneficial in many ways in our daily life. This article deals with several types of electric moped, their uses, advantages and also disadvantage. Here also include other types of electric moped which is best in own in many ways. This article helps us to chose the best electric moped as per our desire and applications. 

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