Quiz 03: Fluid Mechanics 10 MCQs with Answers

1. Separation of boundary layer takes place when:

2. At the point of boundary layer separation:

3. If x is the distance measured from leading edge of flat plate, the wall shear stress for laminar boundary layer varies as:

4. In case of dimensional heat conduction in a medium with constant properties, T is a temperature at position x, at time t, then dT/dt is proportional to:

5. The value of biot number is very small (less than 0.01) when:

6. In which condition, the thickness of thermal and hydrodynamic boundary layers are equal:

7. A stream line and an equipotential line in a flow field:

8. By which of the following reason, the drag force is very small on an airfoil:

9. An ice cube is floating in a glass of water. As the cube melts, the water level ----

10. For a laminar flow, the Reynolds number must be:



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