Quiz 06: Fluid Mechanics 10 MCQs with Answers

1. Cylindrical vessels, containing fluid under pressure and whose wall thickness is not small than 1/20 of its internal diameter is known as:

2. In a thick cylinder, the radial stress at the outer surface is:

3. For which of the following purpose, law of hydrostatic is used:

4. The shear stress between the particles, when a liquid is subjected to horizontal or vertical acceleration:

5. What will be the pressure distribution in a liquid when it is subjected to constant horizontal acceleration ?

6. In which of the following condition, cavitation occurs:

7. In meta-centre, the buoyancy meets:

8. By which of the following action, unstable state of equilibrium is achieved:

9. Which type of following equilibrium occurs when M is at the center of gravity:

10. Which of the following conditions must be satisfied for stable equilibrium?



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