Quiz 07: Fluid Mechanics 10 MCQs with Answers

1. In which type of following fluid flow, fluid particles for the stream lined path:

2. In which type of flow, Reynolds number is more than 4000:

3. Which type of flow is called as viscous flow:

4. For laminar flow the Reynolds number varies from:

5. For which of the following surface, the integration of pressure intensity equation is impossible:

6. By restoring couple which of the following effect can be seen on floating when it is tilted by an angle:

7. In a compressible flow, the density of the liquid:

8. Which of the following option is true for rotational flow?

9. In following assumptions, which one is not considered for Bernoulli’s equation:

10. For which kind of following fluid, the discharge is expressed as volume of fluid passing across section per second:



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