Quiz 10: Fluid Mechanics 10 MCQs with Answers

1. In a large orifice the head of the liquid is:

2. In a convergent-divergent mouthpiece the magnitude of the loss of energy is:

3. In a running free type of mouthpiece, relation between length of pipe and diameter is:

4. A notch is um applicable for which kind of channel:

5. A triangular notch is preferred to a rectangular notch due to which of the following reason:

6. For a triangular notch, reading is required represented as:

7. Which of the following term is related to the weir or notch;

8. The kinetic energy correction factor is based on which of the following type of velocity:

9. The laser of hydrostatic cab be used for which of the following purpose:

10. Which of the following efficiency is important for turbine industry



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