Quiz 11: Fluid Mechanics 20 MCQs with Answers

1. Which of the following, best defines the center of buoyancy:

2. The momentum equation is applicable over which type of the following fluid:

3. The velocity of disturbance in liquid is……in comparison to the solid:

4. On which of the following quantity, the velocity of disturbance depends upon, when fluid is in consideration:

5. For the propagation of minor disturbance through Air, the process is assumed as:

6. Mathematically the Mach number is represented as:

7. For which kind of flow Mach number is taken as non-dimensional parameter:

8. On which of the following parameter, the nature of propagation of the disturbance depends upon over a compressible fluid:

9. For a subcritical flow through the open channel, the Froude number is always:

10. By which of the following repression, the Froude number is represented as:

11. Which region is known as the zone of silence whenever M > 1:

12. When the resultant velocity becomes zero, which of the following are called as stagnation property:

13. For an incompressible fluid the increase in area results:

14. When the fluid is Compressible, the change in area affects which of the following physical quantities-

15. To calculate the velocity of the sound wave the process is taken to be:

16. How a mercury length column which is placed at a place and at a height will vary with respect to that at the ground in a manner of:

17. Which of the following defines the change in dynamic viscosity of most of the gases, when there is a rise in gas temperature:

18. When a balloon is lifting in air, which of the following principle is applied:

19. The viscosity of water in comparison to mercury is always:

20. Momentum per sec is defined as in form of mathematical expression:



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