Most Reliable Car Brands: What are Most Reliable Cars in the World?

What are the Most Reliable Cars in the World? Any idea! Reliability of a certain product or a certain brand is defined as the level of trust a consumer can have for that particular product or brand. A brand and the products can only be trusted only if both the brand and the products they make are reliable enough.

Cars are a type of commodity that should be only purchased from a car manufacturer whose cars and also their services and benefits must be reliable enough for a consumer to trust their brand enough.

To ensure a car’s reliability and quality, a car has to go through high levels of development and testing so the products come out without any defects. Despite all these testing and quality checks, some brands have become more reliable than other brands as they provide more trust to the consumers.

Reliability is one of the most noteworthy factors when it comes for consumers to buying a new car because based on reliability, a consumer decides the lifespan of the car. One of the most significant deciding factors when purchasing a car is reliability, and it should be taken into consideration by everyone. When purchasing a used car, we also look for reliability since most luxury car manufacturers do not have the best reputation for reliability, as they are packed with features that are prone to malfunctioning.

What are Most Reliable Cars in the World?

The Asian automobile industry leads in manufacturing cars that are proven to be the most reliable, and then comes the European car manufacturers. All the data that is given in the following list is made by taking from different surveys that different agencies and websites and hosted by them. The data is a piece of collective information collected for the vehicles which were launched between the years of 2006 to 2022.

Cars that give both before and after-sales service and also make their cars more durable and long-lasting are considered to be the most reliable cars for the consumer in the market.

Jaguar Land Rover builds one of the foremost costly cars, but however, they have a long history of shakiness. Present-day innovation is, in some cases, a characterizing calculation behind less solid cars. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Audi, Maserati, and a lot of other brands are by and large found less dependable than Honda and Toyota.

This is often because the previous brands utilize more up-to-date tech to stand out or present modern highlights without testing them completely over a long time. The favor German brands are more inclined to review for this reason.

Below in this list, we will list all the car brands that are considered the most reliable car brands in the world with an approximate percentage of data to support those brand names. The more rating that is present in the data, the better the car is in terms of reliability.

When someone goes to buy a new car

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Most Reliable Cars #1 Jeep

Jeep is an American Car manufacturer and is owned by the multinational level corporation Stellantis. They are specialized and known for making off-road vehicles, especially in making sport utility vehicles that are perfect for a person pursuing any kind of lifestyle. Jeep cars are known for making durable on-road cars and perform well in almost every type of situation.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently considered to be the most reliable car which is manufactured by Jeep based on the data collected through various customer surveys. The car has a reliability score of 80 out of 100.

reliable car brands what most reliable cars Jeep Grand cherokee
Reliable car brands what most reliable cars Jeep Grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a strong and reliable Sports Utility Vehicle that can be driven in almost any road condition. The car also receives a few proper services and repairs and also promises a longer life.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a few cons going for it, which are as follows:

  • Minor inconveniences were faced by a few buyers when starting and stalling the cars.
  • Few of the buyers had problems with the gear of the car being a bit on the rougher side and also faced transmission issues.
  • A few percent of people also saw that there were some rare electrical problems in the car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee maintenance and repair costs average around $600. Midsize SUVs cost $573, and all LARG vehicles cost $652.

Even though the repairs cost a lot, the Grand Cherokee offers a lifespan of about 20 years. Nowadays, many cars aren’t built as durable, so that they won’t last as long, thus making the Jeep Grand Cherokee very much more reliable to the buyers.

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Most Reliable Cars #2 Ford

Ford is a car manufacturing brand which is also known as the Ford Motor Company and operates its plants and services from its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Their cars are available almost in every major country throughout the entire world. Henry Ford started the company in the year 1903, and since then, Ford has become one of the most popular and one of the most trusted car manufacturing companies of all time.

Ford is mainly known for its Sports Utility Vehicles and their trucks, and they have a reputation for making brilliant and reliable car models. They provide the best service possible to solve all the complaints of their customer.

Ford might not be the most reliable brand in the whole world, but they certainly have quite a reputation. Still, the company is infamous for receiving complaints about broken vehicle breakdowns and too much repairing needed to be done.

The gearbox is the most frequent issue that has to be fixed in all Ford cars. This prevalent issue is also one of the most costly fixes available. Consumers who acquired Fords for their low cost are quickly surprised by the mountain of repair expenses that await them.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is the most reliable car from Ford as it is durable, rugged, and reliable and gives very high performance. The car has a seating capacity of seven people and has the best-in-class features, and has a high-reliability score according to the collective reports and data.

what most reliable cars ford explorer
What most reliable cars ford explorer

For the 2021 Ford Explorer, complaints seem to be fewest in the areas of power equipment, electronics, and transmission. Each of these areas had fewer complaints about the 2020 Ford Explorer, and those problems were fixed in the latest 2022 edition of the Ford Explorer.

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Most Reliable Cars #3 Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturing company that is mainly known for making luxury vehicles and has its headquarters in Torslanda, Gothenburg. Volvo is generally known for making premium Sports utility vehicles, Wagons and Sedans. Volvo’s consumers are relatively lower, but the cars that Volvo makes are unique in terms of looks and luxury.

From different data collected for collecting the relatability of the cars, Volvo might not be the most reliable brand, but a lot of people trust it. The Volvo brand is perhaps best known for its safety features, and the brand was the first to introduce the three-point seat belt, as well as the seat belt reminder and the side impact protection system. Things have gone one step further this year with the introduction of roll-over protection and blind-spot warning systems.

Some sources such as Repair Pal assigns a dependability rating of 3.5 out of 5 and an Above Average rating to Volvo. The average cost of repairing and maintaining a Volvo is $769 per year, up from $652 across all models. In addition to 0.5 visits per year for a Volvo, the average for a Volvo is somewhat higher than 0.4 visits per year for a typical vehicle.

Volvo S60

It is one of the most popular Volvo models and has been in production since 2000.

A third-generation S60 was the first Volvo manufactured in the US. The S60 is Volvo’s new generation of sports sedans.

reliable car brands what most reliable cars volvo s 60
Reliable car brands what most reliable cars Volvo S60

With a 248-horsepower, 2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, the T5 model is a classy sports sedan with a sophisticated interior. The drive goes to the front axle, unlike other sports sedans.

You will enjoy the updated exterior aesthetic and the posh interior space of the 2021 model, which has been awarded an overall score of 75% and a reliability rating of 4 out of 5 by Consumer Reports.

The most criticized S60 models come from the 2001 and 2012 models.This is because most complaints have been lodged about these models.

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Most Reliable Cars #4 Chevrolet

Chevrolet makes cars of every other size and shape, and whatever a consumer requires in the car, there is a Chevrolet car that is present to fit his needs accordingly. The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 failed to score well in the latest Consumer Reports study on reliability. Nevertheless, Chevrolet continues to enjoy a high level of brand loyalty from drivers, resulting in a loyal following for their cars, pickups and SUVs.

The brand might not be the most reliable car brand for all of the consumers, but for the most of the cases and parts, the cars by Chevrolet are quite reliable. The cars are usually very easy to maintain, and driving in them provides sheer levels of comfort.

The new Chevy that Chevrolet launched received a lot of complaints from the buyers of that particular model, and the car even required multiple services and changes in a short span of time. If we leave out the recent launches, the cars generally made by the brand are very much trusted and well received by the customers.

Chevrolet generally has an average reliability score of 7.6 out of 10, according to the data that was collected from different sources.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV car was initially launched in the year of 2017 and was designed after their own previous model, the Chevy Spark and the car have the best-in-class features built into it.

reliable car brands chevrolet bolt ev
Reliable car brands Chevrolet Bolt EV

The car is a hatchback car and gives a stable driving and handling of the car and has an electric range of 259 miles per hour, whose record was only beaten recently by Tesla.

The car has a lot of room in its cabin and can also fit a lot of cargo. Keeping the driver and passengers entertained during long road trips is the Bolt’s easy-to-use infotainment system with its long electric-only range.

Bolt sales started in California in December 2016 and proceeded across the country and internationally in 2017. It was the second best-selling plug-in car in the United States in 2017. Through the end of 2020, global sales of Bolt/Ampera-e family devices totalled 112,000 units.

According to recent data collected, In Consumer Reports’ predicted reliability rating, the Chevy Bolt scored 10 out of 10. Hybrid and electric models top the list of 2021’s top models as well.

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Most Reliable Cars #5 Nissan

Nissan has a long, impressive, and large range of very splendid and wide range of cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, and a wide range of trucks that operate by the use of electricity, and they were the first car manufacturing brand ever to do that in the automobile industry.

Nissan is a Japanese car manufacturing brand, and Japanese car manufacturers are known for making some of the best and the most dependable cars in the whole world.

According to data collected from different sources, such as the data from, it is seen that Nissan cars have a solid 8 out of 10 rating in terms of reliability.  The reliability score has been calculated by showing an average of the reliability across 240 different cars from Nissan.

The advantage that Nissan has over other brands, even from brands that are from Japan, is that the majority of their cars come at a cheaper price tag without compromising on any of the features or safety aspects of the cars. Nissan cars are also known for having a more unique design than that of its Japanese competitors such as Toyota or Honda.

Nissan cars have a lot of space in their cabin and give one of the highest fuel economies in almost all the cars that are mentioned in this list.

Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is a large size pickup truck as is considered to be one of the best vehicles to be ever manufactured by Nissan.  The Titan is a heavy-duty truck, the truck may be behind in some aspects when compared to its nearest competitors, such as trucks from General Motor Trucks and Ford trucks, but the Nissan Titan still remains a popular choice due to Nissan’s smart marketing strategies and relatively lower pricing.

nissan titanwhat most reliable cars
Nissan Titanwhat most reliable cars

In the latest 2020 model, the Titan has a V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission, now standard. Titan does away with its diesel engine for more power. The interior has also been completely redesigned. This truck can confidently compete with some of the most popular pickups on the American market, such as the Ford F-series.

It also has some unique features such as: –

  • Automatic Parking Sensors
  • Nissan’s Connect System
  • An integrated module for navigation
  • A 9- inch large touch screen monitor
  • Heating capabilities in the front seats
  • Dual climate control zones

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Most Reliable Cars #6 Mazda

Mazda has quite the reputation for making cars that are of great quality and provides a lot of reliability in manufacturing vehicles. According to the data collected from different sources such as MotorEasy, they inducted Mazada into the 19th position among the list of cars.

According to other data, Mazada is actually considered to be one of the most reliable car brands when it comes to reliably. Mazda has always been known for making stable cars. Their Mazda Miata is known as the largest selling sports car in the world, and still, people go and buy this car model to this day.

It is said that while Mazda is known for producing trendy but efficient cars, it also uses the same method when designing new models, which means that its redesigns tend not to diverge too much from the original designs.

ReliabilityIndex charts show Mazda to be in 5th place when it comes to reliability. Mazda appears on their chart with a very impressive score of 65.00. The company sits at the top of its 40-strong list of vehicle manufacturers with manufacturers such as Lexus, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.

Mazda CX-9

The 2020 release of the Mazda CX-9 is the highest-rated and the most reliable car from Mazda. The car has a great rear seat that provides extreme comfort and transmission and enhances the overall driving experience of the driver.

Reliable car brands what most reliable cars Mazda CX 9
Reliable car brands what most reliable cars Mazda CX 9

The car is compact and has a very efficient handling while driving, and gives effortless delivery of power. The car falls in the category of luxury sports utility vehicle levels and gives extreme levels of comfort. The car also gives standard collision warning and also comes with the safety of automatic braking with Artificial Intelligence pedestrian detection.

The car also comes with a few cons, such as the infotainment system’s learning is not as efficient as other competing brands’ infotainment systems and the cabin and does not include a third-row seat like the cars of other brands in this price range.

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Most Reliable Cars #7 Hyundai

Hyundai is an automobile brand from South Korea and was founded in the year of 1967. The company has gone a long way since its debut; throughout the years, have gained the trust of thousands of customers by providing good cars at efficient pricing and also by providing proper services.

Hyundai Motor Company has achieved this level of notoriety by producing safe cars that consumers can count on mile after mile, and Hyundai continues to improve the reliability of its vehicles with each new model year to the point where Hyundai is now exceeding Toyota, Honda, and other brands are known for their reliability.

It is the data that proves the reliability of the system. Every Hyundai vehicle, from budget-friendly compact cars like the Elantra to more luxurious SUVs like the Palisade, is designed to provide drivers with the right value for money. The keys to quality are Hyundai’s reliability, safety, and low cost of ownership, which is why more and more Hyundai owners stay with the brand. Consumer data measures how frequently Hyundai cars need to be repaired, how much it costs to own, and how much it crashes.

Hyundai ranked sixth out of 26 brands in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey, scoring 62. Honda ranked No. 5 and Ram No. 7. It was ahead of both of them. According to reliability ratings, Mazda was #1, Toyota was #2, and Lexus was #3.

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is one of Hyundai’s most popular cars to date. The car has been released in seven versions until now, and each version has made major improvements than the previous version.

The sedan comes with turbocharged four-cylinder engines with displacements of 1.6L (1,600 mm) or 2.0L (2,001 mm), depending on the model. Despite its price tag, the Elantra remains competitive in the market.

reliable car brands Hyundai Elantra
Reliable car brands Hyundai Elantra

The car has a lot of space for the backspace of the car, and the backspace of the car is very advanced than any other competitive car of other brands in the similar category price segment.

The Elantra’s sleek, the new design makes it look stunning from the outside. It has a sportier feel to it because it looks more aggressive and a bit lower. Those grilles will catch attention wherever they are parked.

Hyundai ups the level with its driver assistance systems. The system will also help you to avoid blind-spot collisions, mitigate forward collisions, and stay in your lane. Customers are also pleased with the digital key option that is present in the car.

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Most Reliable Cars #8 Buick

Its location in the mid-market places it between mainstream and premium brands. The majority of the company’s vehicles are expensive and sophisticated, with elegant interiors and basic entertainment systems. Buicks, on the other hand, cannot match the gas mileage of their modern counterparts. The firm, like other automakers, is becoming highly focused on SUVs.

In order to concentrate on more family-based crossover vehicles, Buick has stopped producing sedans a few years ago. The Enclave, Encore, Encore GX, and Envision are the company’s current SUV offerings.

According to various data collected, it has been found that people trust Buick cars, and their cars are loaded with flagship features and have luxurious finishes of the highest standard.

The Average reliability rate of Buick cars is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The company has a few car models, and as a reason, their services are much more efficient as they have to focus on just a handful of cars rather than so many models like other competing brands.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards by engineers and service technicians, Buick models have earned top ratings from professional auto critics and returning customers for years to come. You can count on your Buick vehicle to run without incident year after year, whether you purchase it new or used, as long as you maintain it regularly.

Buick Encore GX

Buick Encore GX is more popular than the regular Encore. The Encore GX debuts in 2019, and it comes with some cool features that the regular Encore does not. You have the option of choosing from two engines with the GX, with the turbocharged 1.3-litre engine providing a lot of power. In addition, this model is larger than the Encore regular, so you have more room to spread out.

buick encore gx most reliable cars
Buick encore GX most reliable cars

Furthermore, the Encore GX has more cargo room than the Encore, with up to 23.5 cubic feet with the seats up and 50.2 cubic feet with the seats down. Base safety features like as lane departure alerts, lane-keeping assistance, forward collision warnings, and the automated emergency braking are not included in a standard Encore. Overall, the GX provides far more value for your money. The 2020 Buick Encore GX received 4.5 stars in US News & World Report’s overall dependability rating, indicating that it is a very reliable car.

Most Reliable Cars #9 Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi which is also known as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a well-known and popular car manufacturing brand. The company is headquartered in Minatodistrict inTokyo from Japan.

Mitsubishi is known for making stylish and durable Sports Utility vehicles and once upon a time dominated the then-emerging market by predicting a certain trend before any other brand could.

But Mitshubishi is not a reliable brand at this current moment; even calling them the most unreliable Japanese car brand might not be an exaggeration.

Warranty Direct named the Mitsubishi Lancer the most dependable car since 1997 in 2012. Mitsubishi was no exception to the Japanese automaker’s reputation for durability. Warranty Direct has supplied extended warranties for every carmaker in the UK since its inception in 1997, and its Reliability Index has established a standard in the UK. Something, though, has clearly changed. Mitsubishi dropped from first place to become one of the least trustworthy automotive brands on the market a few years ago. In 2016, they were ranked third from the bottom in a Consumer Reports poll.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a powerful Sports Utility Vehicle and one of the most reliable cars to be ever manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. As the fourth-generation Outlander debuts in 2022, it has been completely redesigned, inside and out. A number of reviewers have changed their minds about the Outlander SUV after the 2022 model year redesign after previous models were critically reviewed and shunned.

Mitsubishi outlander most reliable cars
Mitsubishi outlander most reliable cars

A quality interior, intuitive tech features, composed handling, a large cargo area, and a well-built exterior characterize the Mitsubishi Outlander for 2022, but it lacks power.

The car’s cabin is made up of premium and well-crafted materials and has many integrated safety and technology features.

Most Reliable Cars #10 Lexus

Luxury brand Lexus is known for its performance, durability, and stylish design. Lexus vehicles are sold all over the world. It is a Japanese luxury car brand that is a subsidiary of another Japanese automaker Toyota. It is the top-selling Japanese premium car brand. It has ranked among the 10 largest global Japanese brands in terms of revenue.

Luxury Japanese company Lexus has designed innovative products and provided luxurious performance for over 40 years. They have a luxury vehicle for every buyer at Lexus, with an impressive range of sedans and Sports Utility Vehicles. Like other Japanese car brands, Lexus is also known for making durable, reliable and feature-rich cars.

Like any other brand, there are a number of problems with Lexus cars. Some models, like all brands, don’t perform well, having problems in greater numbers than others. The average score for the reliability of a Lexus car is 9 out of 10.

Lexus GS

In comparison to the rest of the Lexus line-up, the GS has the most reliable performance. No matter if we are talking about a brand-new or used GS, it doesn’t matter. Since its introduction in 2013, the model hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to winning reliability contests. We selected the Lexus GS as the most reliable Lexus model because it is now in its third generation and has never disappointed any of its customers, and has always had a high score in terms of reliability score.

what most reliable cars lexus gs
what most reliable cars Lexus GS

It hasn’t been common for owners to report complaints about the GS because there wasn’t much to complain about other than the occasional niggle. There weren’t very many bugs to work out in the vehicle’s design and structure. In terms of safety, the GS scored well as well.

Lexus has always been known for reliability with its GS model. This model has topped reliability rankings since 2013. The combination of high safety ratings and positive driver reviews has proven to be a winning formula.

Most Reliable Cars #11 Toyota

This Japanese car manufacturer is considered to be one of the most reliable, producing cars that a driver can depend on for many years and for hundreds of thousands of miles. Toyota has built what is considered a legacy of reliability.

Toyota cars are known to have the highest build quality on which one can rely. Each car from the brand is well known for its quality, whether it is the Toyota Innova, Corolla or Qualis. The Toyota brand promise is Quality, Durability and Reliability, and its cars live up to that promise.

Toyotas are described as reliable, efficient, and dependable in an overview of the brand. Toyota cars emerged as the best performers in Consumer Report’s testing, with refined powertrains, good fuel economy, comfortable rides, quiet cabins, and intuitive controls.

Toyota has the highest reliability score which is 4.9 out of 5.

Toyota Camry

When it comes to reliability and trust, we must keep every car aside and the Toyota Camry at one aside because it is sometimes regarded as the most reliable and the most trustworthy car ever made. It was the first car ever to earn the title of the best-selling car in America.

what most reliable cars toyota camry
What most reliable cars toyota camry

The Camry excels as a midsize sedan in terms of comfort, cabin noise, fuel efficiency, and simplicity of operation. The stance is lower than in prior versions, making entry more difficult, and the back seat is not as spacious as some rivals.

 From 2001 until 2018 came many new versions of the car, and each of them were high in terms of reliability and had the trust of almost all the customers; the Camry held the title of America’s favourite car without exception. Toyota Camry has dominated the segment that combines dependability, reliability, and affordability for more than two decades. There is no other automotive car that can compete with it.

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