11 Surprising Ways Tesla Touchscreen Features are More Refreshing than Ever

In this article, you will learn some of the features that are available to you on your Tesla car’s touch screen which you might not have heard of before. Tesla is known across the world for its innovation in the field of electric vehicles. They have always included unique features and technology in their car. The infotainment system of Telsa also comes with tons of features. In this article, you will learn some of the features that are available to you on your Tesla car’s touch screen which you might not have heard of before.

Tesla Car Touchscreen

With its touchscreen, Tesla is one of the first electric car companies to offer so many innovative features. Modern luxury vehicles are redefined by their many groundbreaking features. The touch screens are all made up of high-quality materials. Some Tesla cars like Model S come with front and rear touch screens equipped, whereas other cars such as the new Model Y and Model 3 come with only one touch screen

Tesla Operating System’s latest version 10.0 was released late in 2019 to provide the user with an even more innovative driving experience. There have been a lot of features added to the car operating system in the past, such as games to play while charging the car, spot-on navigation, and Wi-Fi that is very fast. Since Tesla’s original model, the touch screen has been available, but the updated version allows users to customize their drive, enhance their security, and customize their preferences.

11 Best Features of the Tesla Touchscreen

01. Bioweapon Defence Mode

With Tesla’s Model S and X, the touch screens are equipped with a Bioweapon Defense Mode, which protects owners from natural and artificial disasters. Airborne contaminants are removed by a HEPA air filter, ensuring that occupants can breathe safely, regardless of the environment. It has been proven that the HEPA air filter removes 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers.

The feature is incredibly useful for drivers with allergies, even if they won’t need it to protect themselves from a bioweapon. Additionally, it prevents travellers from becoming sick while going past smelly places

02. Support for video streaming services

Tesla cars have support for almost all major video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube etc for their cars. The touch display supports HDR10 support which means users can stream in the highest quality possible. The streaming apps also get updated through OTA updates.

The streaming service is ideal for long road trips and weekend getaways since it provides passengers with endless hours of entertainment. It is important to note, however, that the Tesla touchscreen does not support streaming services when the vehicle is not in drive mode. In order to take advantage of this unique feature the car needs to park in a proper place

03. Dog mode

When the vehicle is in the park, Tesla’s Dog Mode allows the driver to control the interior temperature of the vehicle to a more comfortable level. Pet owners with concerns about their pets can use Tesla’s Dog Mode to avoid cracking windows or rushing to finish errands.

With a cabin-mounted camera, you can even check up on your pet from your Smartphone, so even if you are far away from the car, you can make sure he is okay. On the touch screen, Dog Mode displays a message indicating that the pet’s owner will return soon in addition to warning passersby that the interior temperature is safe. Those who own dogs or any other pet should definitely have Dog Mode.

When the air conditioning system is turned on, the onboard animals are kept cool while their owners run their weekly errands. Tesla’s touch screen also displays, “My owner will be back soon,” as a way to assure onlookers that enclosed pets are safe.

04. Emissions Testing Mode

There is no doubt that Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is not a man who is shy from using eccentric humor in his speeches. Fart Mode, which is also known as Emissions Testing Mode, is an example of his humor. The Tesla vehicle’s touch screen can be used to produce ripping fart sounds on demand by its owners by enabling Emissions Testing Mode when the vehicle is turned on. When the driver presses the turn signal while the vehicle is using the feature, the vehicle also breaks wind when the driver uses it.

There is no doubt that Emissions Testing Mode is a little juvenile, but it can be a great way to get your friends and family to laugh at you if they don’t expect it from a luxurious electric vehicle.

05. Streaming Music

Just like the ability to stream videos, you also have the ability to stream any kind of music of your choice by using different music streaming services present on their touch screen. You can also play different radio stations that are available through Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. You can also purchase an upgrade of a radio tuner and an external antenna and get access to your FM radio or Sirius radio.

You still cannot access some music streaming services such as Apple music as it is not available as of now, but other popular music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube music are available to download. By using a 4G connection or Wi-Fi you can save songs offline and play anytime at your leisure. You can also connect different any type of Bluetooth speakers, earphones or headsets, but Tesla does not allow you to play these services while you are driving your car for safety measures.

06. Pin-To-Drive Features

Tesla vehicles utilize a unique PIN-to-drive feature that allows the driver to start up and drive their vehicle without requiring a key. Tesla car owners are required to enter their PIN every time they use their electric cars so that they are no longer worried about losing their keys. Tesla owners can deactivate the PIN-to-drive feature and use their Tesla phone app or keycard instead of the PIN-to-drive feature if they do not wish to use it.

07. Ability to play games

The gaming feature in the Tesla Infotainment System is unique to Tesla Cars. Tesla cars from recent times support games from different consoles such as the Atari, Xbox, and Playstation and just recently cars like the 2022 Tesla Model X and the 2022 Tesla Model Y also received support from the steam library. This update will come to other cars and future Tesla cars will have Steam Support in built.

Through their touch screens, Tesla owners are able to access both classic video games as well as contemporary video games. Classic games like Pac man and Donkey Kong can be played as well as popular modern titles such as Cuphead, God of War, and Hades. It is possible to play the games using the car’s steering wheel, and the touch screen on the dashboard, as well as using the pedals of the car to control the game.

It is also possible to play games with the help of a gamepad controller such as an Xbox controller if you want to play games with it that way. Tesla prohibits owners from playing video games while the car is in Drive mode, much like the streaming service feature in the streaming services feature.

08. The I’m Feeling Lucky Feature

In order to provide their customers with the very best possible service, Tesla has developed their version of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” option for their navigation system on the touch screen, which, when enabled, will show you nearby attractions that might interest you.

The driver can browse a list of options for their next adventure just by selecting the location. In Tesla vehicles, drivers can also choose an I’m Feeling Hungry feature that directs them to the nearest restaurant, cafe or drive-thru. If you are travelling or out of town and are hungry, the I’m Feeling Hungry feature can be useful.

09. Autopilot

With its groundbreaking autopilot system, Tesla continues to lead the electric car industry forward. While Tesla owners could purchase autopilot separately in earlier models, it is now a standard feature on most newer models. Auto steering, braking for slower traffic, and keeping up with other vehicles are just some of the advanced driving systems the driver can use while driving on the highway, as long as they keep their eyes and hands on the road.

You can upgrade to the Full Self-Driving Mode if you want to get the most out of the autopilot feature by spending a sum of $10,000. The Tesla’s Autopilot feature allows its owners to sit back, relax, and allow the car to drive them around town as they see fit.

The automatic chauffeur takes care of everything from adjusting speed to stopping at traffic lights and changing lanes to making sure the car stays on course. While the full self-driving mode is an option available to all beta testers, Currently, only a small group of beta testers are using FSD in its entirety. In dense, urban areas, FSD mode has had a rough start.

10. Integration of Google Maps for navigation.

In addition to navigating the route, Tesla uses satellite imagery from Google Maps to display all Tesla Superchargers nearby, so if you are low on juice you can use Google maps in order to find the nearest charging station and charge your car. One can also find a suggestion for how long one should charge a Tesla when heading to a particular charging station on the Maps

11. Other features for car controls

Without its intuitive controls, a car would be nothing without the convenience of being able to control it from the touch screen as well. There are controls for heated seats, heated windshields, music volume, and shortcuts to other Tesla features in the lower part of the screen.


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