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MechStudies is able to clear all your doubts in Mechanical Engineering. It’s the best mechanical engineering platform to get the core knowledge.

MechStudies helps to understand the content in the simplest way and correlates mechanical engineering with practical applications. All contents are explained in detail with a lot of diagrams, images.

We have an experienced team in the design as well as the construction field and our knowledge is based on our ups and downs, our success, our failures, and all are well captured in this platform. Hope, we can strengthen the mechanical engineering foundations.

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Our Team

Md Firan Mondal

Hi! This is Md Firan Mondal, happy to launch, our website MechStudies. We are devoted to provide the best engineering solutions. I hope, we all will learn and definitely we all enjoy it! Happy Learning!

Rituparna Guha

Hi! This is Rituparna Guha and I am really excited to spread our MechStudies all over the world. This is my dream to make MechStudies, one of the best e-learning engineering platform.

Sk Sahid

Hi! This is Sk Sahid, a Mechanical Engineer. I am really happy to be part of MechStudies and will contribute to engineering knowledge. We all will help each other to learn mechanical engineering!


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