Car Speakers: How to Buy? Which one You Should Choose?

You can improve your daily commute by upgrading your car speakers. You might find yourself looking forward to your drive more than the destination if you add an aftermarket car speaker system to an older car or a shiny new ride. There are many car manufacturers that offer premium sound systems, but typically they are bundled with other features that you do not necessarily need.

Consequently, upgrading your car speakers through the manufacturer can cost several thousand dollars. A premium sound system installed by the manufacturer is not always equipped with the best speakers possible. It is often possible to get better sound quality while saving money by using aftermarket systems. A car audio system is important along with a bit more clarity and bass in your car if you want to pick the best car speakers.

History of Car Speakers

No Civic, not even the super fancy 1500 S model, had a car speaker system in 1983. A dealer installed the whole audio system for you after you purchased it from him. It has been nearly 30 years since those days. It’s difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible, to change or remove components in today’s car audio systems because they’re integrated at the factory and often wired so intricately into the rest of the vehicle.

Car speakers how buy which you should choose list

You can improve your audio quality in an affordable, low-tech way. Changing your factory speakers for aftermarket ones is all it takes. It is easier to make a big difference for relatively little money by upgrading a factory-installed car speaker than it is to make a big difference for a lot more money.

Define Car Speaker

In an automobile, a car speaker is someone & something that makes sounds louder by delivering a speech. As a result of the car speaker being turned off, you could not hear any sound while driving.

 A communication exchange would not be possible without the car speaker and the driver. The car speaker is the most important key, as the driver is responsible for making sure the right sound for safe driving.

Workflow of Car Speaker

When an electrical signal is amplified, the car speaker converts it into mechanical energy that is converted to sound by moving the cone back and forth. A car speaker cone creates vibrations in the air that we hear as sound. Approximately 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz is the range of frequencies heard by the human ear.

To cover the entire frequency range of the music, the most basic automotive speakers are designed to be full range. However, if you attempt to cover the entire frequency spectrum, bass response is generally nonexistent, and the higher frequencies are dull. The sound can be reproduced more accurately if you use speakers that reproduce a narrower range of sounds.

How to buy the right kind of Car Speakers?

01. Location & Size

If you are unsure, remove your existing speakers and measure them, then get something similar.  Most car speaker installations leave plenty of room for slack, and several standard sizes should work in most cars. You should remember to measure speaker depth; it is often the most important. A competent local shop should be able to install most of these items.

02. Range of Frequency

There are different types of car speakers that can produce different frequencies of sound.  A car speaker’s frequency range shows what notes it can produce at its highest and lowest frequencies. The human ear is capable of hearing sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz in general.

While many car speakers have a frequency range that exceeds our hearing range, the high notes in this range can enhance our listening experience. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a speaker will sound good just because it can produce a wide range of frequencies. We cannot measure speaker quality with a simple, single metric due to the complexity of speakers.

03. Importance

Due to their different frequencies, a low note from a bass guitar sounds completely different from the whistle of a loud crowd. In the same way that ripples in a pond act, so do sound waves. A deep plunk drives large waves away from a large stone thrown into the pond. 

Similarly, dropping a pebble produces a higher-pitched sound and smaller waves that nestle closer together. The number of waves crossing a point within a given period is known as the frequency of waves. Increasing frequency increases the pitch of a sound wave.

04. Signal & Source

You should use a conventional wire with positive and negative leads to power your speakers. A common ground wiring system or optical cable may be used in your car; consult an expert if it is. For speakers to produce sound, they require electrical current in the form of power, which they convert into sound.

05. Power Handling

The power handling of a speaker tells you how much power it can handle safely. There are two types of power handling reported by speakers: peak power handling and root mean square power handling. Peak measurements are used to determine the wattage an individual speaker can handle in short bursts, while root mean square measures how many watts the speakers can handle continuously.

Root mean squares are often provided as a range, indicating what wattage the speaker should have to produce a satisfactory sound. It is the upper limit of the root mean square range that provides the maximum wattage that the speaker can handle continuously that is the more important number.

Speakers in a low powered car speaker system should be rated at 15 watts root mean square or less per channel, and their sensitivity should be high. Speakers with a lower sensitivity should be paired with higher powered systems.

06. Impendence

As a result, a speaker’s impedance is a measure of its resistance to this current. As a result, it determines the power amount the speaker will draw from the amp in the event of a crossover. The lower the impedance of a speaker, the more power it will be able to pull from the system. 

The amplifier will push two times more power to speakers with 2 ohm impedance than speakers with 4 ohm impedance. The impedance of a speaker constantly changes due to the frequency of the sound.

Many speaker companies offer nominal impedances, which are a constant that’s typically just a little bit higher than the speaker’s minimum impedance, rather than publishing a speaker’s impedance curve, which details its impedance at any given frequency. Due to this simplification, it is simpler to pick the right pair of speakers and amplifiers based on their combination.

07. Budget

You may not be able to replace all your speakers at once. The larger speakers in your car should be replaced before the smaller ones, so make sure you replace the largest ones first. You will be able to hear improvements more clearly if you replace the larger ones instead of the tweeters in your car’s system.

You should also spend your money up front if you are the driver. There may be cases where even the rear passengers will appreciate you doing so, since many systems have a heavy front bias regardless of how you set the faders.

Car Speakers you should think of buying?

MB Quart

MB Quart DS1-254 Discus Shallow Mount Subwoofer (Black) – 10 Inch Subwoofer, 400 Watts, Car Audio, 2 Inch Voice Coils, UV Rubber Surround, Best in Sealed Enclosures
  • Shallow Mount – With less than 3 inches mounting depth, this car subwoofer is ideal in sealed enclosure applications and makes for one of the most versatile subwoofers for cars in areas with limited space.
  • Deep Bass - Front and rear venting allows cooler air to be exchanged in the voice coil gap which helps the sub make deep bass and extend the life of the component.
  • Built to Last - Heavy gauge powder coated stamped steel basket provides a solid base for the motor system and moving parts and delivers big bass in a small space that does not consume your cargo space.
  • High Performance - 2.5 inch high temperature voice coil and former for high thermal stability in small enclosure volumes where the internal box temperatures can rob you of performance.
  • Heavy Duty – UV rubber surround resists sun fading and remains flexible and the nickel plated push and insert resists corrosion and make for ease of installation.

In many high end cars, MB Quart’s value-priced speaker system replaces the separate speakers owned by audiophiles. This system offers six individual speakers in three different sizes as opposed to a two way design with a woofer and tweeter in the same area. For cars like Audis and Mercedes-Benzes, which are wired this way, this is the right choice. With a power handling of 100 watts, the amplifier can handle most factory-supplied amplifiers.

Infinity Kappa

Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5" Coaxial Speaker System
  • Infinity’s glass fiber woofer cones are lighter and stiffer with more cone-area than the competition , delivering increased low-frequency output and higher efficiency.
  • Edge-driven textile dome tweeters - These are not commonly used W-domes, but edge-driven textile dome speakers that will deliver broader and smoother high frequency response.
  • High output 2.5 ohm ohm architecture with low impedance voice coils enables the speaker to extract every watt from the amplifier and deliver peak power with ease.
  • Infinity speakers have to undergo a testing process that would destroy lesser speakers. Infinity freezes them, bakes them, shakes them, blasts them with ultraviolet light and drives them at full power for days at a time.
  • Infinity is in the business of designing reference quality speakers, and Kappa car audio speakers are no exception.

Most cars don’t have space for 6 by 9 inch speakers, but many older vehicles have this size on their rear package shelves or even in their doors. Infinity Kappa will improve your sound quality if you have space for them. A lot of cars already have a tweeter facing the driver and passenger above the dashboard, so the crossover boxes separate music into the appropriate range for each speaker size.

A long standing partner of established automakers, Infinity has a long history of automotive audio. It will be important to use these for a long time so they will be durable.

Kicker 8 Pack

KICKER 8 Inch KM-Series Marine Speaker Bundle KM84LCW with KMLC LED Remote
  • Kicker 8 Inch KM-Series Marine Speaker Bundle KM84LCW with KMLC LED Remote
  • Kicker 8 Inch KM-Series Marine Speakers KM84LCW
  • KMLC LED Remote Controller
  • Includes Black & White Grilles

It may be a good idea to get Kicker’s 8 pack.  Two way speakers like these work best with about 50 watts of power each, and they cover most recordings’ full dynamic range. If you enjoy bass heavy music, pair your speakers with a subwoofer.

These are a good choice for SUVs and vans because they are small, light, and fairly shallow. Angled speakers work well with surround sound car stereos, as they provide a larger soundstage.

JBL arena X 12

JBL 12" Ultra Premium SUBWOOFER
  • Slipstream Port Technology: The Slipstream port technology eliminates turbulence which eliminates noise, inarticulate bass when driven.
  • Reliable Performance: To ensure that the BassPro 12 stands the test of time, we utilize the rigorous quality control and testing standards. Lifecycle testing pushes each product to its limits, with 200 hours in an environmental testing chamber. Here we freeze them, bake them and give every product a sunburn with 150 hours of ultraviolet light. Speaker products are also subjected to 100 hours of rated power using specific frequencies and music.
  • Single Box Total Solution: The whole system is carefully designed to integrate the 150Wrms amplifier, subwoofer, slipstream port into one MDF wood enclosure, which providing the easiest way to add powerful JBL bass to any car system.
  • Bass Volume remote controll, no more need to pop the truck, adjust the sound from the drivers seat.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

JBL Arena is a best of breed subwoofer enclosure if you are willing to build your own. 1,600 watts of power can be handled by the aluminum long excursion cone. There are a lot of exotic materials and technologies in this product. With the custom enclosure of your choice, you can rattle off your license plate or listen to symphonic music as if you were sitting among the bass and percussion players.

Kicker Hideaway

Kicker 11HS8 8 150 Watt Hideaway Compact Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub HS8
  • RMS Power: 150 Watts
  • Ultra-compact powered subwoofer system designed for tight locations
  • Dimension: 13 7/8 x 9 3/8 x 3 1/8
  • 8-inch internal subwoofer
  • 150-watt (RMS, 14.4v) power amplifier

The Kicker Hideaway is perfect if you don’t want to lose much trunk space or can’t fit the JBL Bass Pro in your smaller car. In cars with bulky power controls on the driver’s side only, it fits under your seat as well as your passenger’s seat. 

In addition to the installation friendly harness that takes care of both the audio signal as well as the power & there is also a remote control which adjusts the amount of bass without having to get underneath your seat. In a sports car or family sedan with a full trunk can be a great way to put some serious bass into the vehicle.

JBL GT Bass Pro

JBL BassPro SL 8-inch 125W RMS Powered Under-Seat Compact Subwoofer Enclosure System (250 watts RMS: 125 watts)
  • 8-inch JBL BassPro SL powered under-seat compact subwoofer enclosure
  • Power output: Peak: 250 watts RMS: 125 watts
  • Efficient Class D amplifier
  • Soft start turn-on, speaker-level (high-level) inputs with Audio Sense Auto-on
  • Optional wired bass remote controller

It is one of those products that you may have bought twice: the first time to add some much needed punch to some $5,000 high end aftermarket components speakers, and the second time to replace them after they were stolen. For this box to work, you need only two wires to get it going: the low-frequency line that comes from the head unit you are using and a power line that connects to the battery.

To separate the low bass from your existing speaker wiring, the GT Bass Pro can be installed as its crossover. For only 300 dollars, you can make one of the biggest and most noticeable changes to a car by using this method. Don’t forget to keep your trunk locked at all times so you don’t lose anything.

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5" Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair) , black
  • The Prime R165X3 is a pair of 6.50" 3-Way Full Range Speakers that are ideal for that factory speaker upgrade you’ve been looking for
  • The 6.5” speakers have a mounting depth of 2.15" and come with grilles and mounting hardware
  • Perfect for replacing factory speakers, they feature polypropylene cones, a silk dome Piezo tweeter and midrange

This quartet of speakers can help improve your car’s audio system, regardless of whether you already have a powerful amplifier, as is sometimes the case with factory upgrade systems in higher end trim models, by taking advantage of the extra power of amplifier. These four speakers from Rockford Fosgate destined with a high power amp for their rock music oriented design.

To upgrade your sound system to a full-spectrum step, you will need to add a subwoofer and tweeters. As a result, this should be a much appreciated improvement.


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