Electric Motorcycle: Parts, Benefits, List of Best 14 Electric Motorcycles

The electric motorcycle or electric- two-wheeler is another electric vehicle that gets the batteries’ power. The energy can be released due to the chemical reaction inside the batteries. These batteries have features that are rechargeable. Another fundamental component of the vehicle is the DC motor which runs with the help of the power source. These are also eco-friendly. These vehicles reduce the dependency on petroleum.

Electric Motorcycle: Two-Wheelers

Mechanism of electric motorcycle

The mechanism of an electric- two-wheeler is very simple. The working of this vehicle begins with the wire harness of the battery connection. The batteries come with two terminals, one is positive and another is negative terminals. The connection has been built with the positive terminal to be fixed with the stator of the vehicle and the negative terminal to be fixed on the edge of the vehicle.

This connection is in the series connection. Later on, the wire connection was developed for the different parts of the vehicle, utilizing the flow of electrons starting from one section to another part of the vehicle.

  • Once the engine got power, the stator present inside the engine develops the stator coil field, which is magnetized and induces the current towards the rotor shaft.
  • The rotor shaft now starts to rotate in the direction counterclockwise. The rotor shaft is connected with the clutch, which performs a key role in power transmission.
  • An alternator is also mounted at another end of the rotor shaft. This alternator is used to convert the rotational motion to the electromotive power, and due to this phenomenon, the battery gets charged.
  • The current flow is guided by the control device to the stator body. This current helps magnetize the field coil utilizing the rotor shaft to get their virtual speed. And the presence of a V-belt drive between the pedal shaft and the grasp gathering help to move the vehicle from one point to another point.

The speed of the pedal shaft is constantly reduced with the help of the sprockets. The reducing speed of the pedal is in the fixed proportion of 1:4.

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Essential parts of Electric Motorcycle

Fundamentally, electric motorcycles or electric two-wheelers collect power from two sources one is from the battery and another one from the alternator. The purpose of the battery is to store the charge, which maintains the stated level of voltage and helps keep continuous electric power when the engine is off.

But the main function of the alternator depends on the engine, and it produces electricity when the engine is started. It delivers the electric power to several electric types of equipment and charges the battery on the go.


The construction of the battery used in the 2 – wheeler is simple and light-weighted compared to the big vehicle. These are generally 12 V batteries with a six-cell unit and are made of a plastic body. These also have some sets of positive and negative plates inhabited in an electrolyte. When these batteries are fully charged, each cell has a voltage of around 2.1 volts, and when we combine these, we get around 12.6 volts. These batteries deliver direct current to the electronic vehicle when the engine is off.

In present-day lithium-ion batteries are used in several vehicles. These batteries are entering the market, but this is costly, raising some questions.

Advancement of battery

ParticularsLead oxide batteryLithium-ion battery
ConstructionLead oxide (PbO2)Lithium Metal Ion
Performance/ MaintenanceUnpleasantPleasant
Energy/ weight ratioLowHigh
ApplicationsNon-space, used in the car statorLightweight, keep few spaces to install.


The alternator’s vital purpose is to produce electrical energy when the vehicle is started. Alternators use the engine’s crankshaft to rotate the magnets and produce electricity. The alternator produces an alternating current which will be converted to a direct current with the help of a regulator. The regulator also keeps a constant flow of current towards all the electronics parts. 

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Wiring trapping

Wiring trapping is essential in the electric 2-wheelers because it channels the current in the various components of the electric vehicle. It is the set of wires, connectors, and terminals designed for two-wheelers utilizing electricity supply.


The electric vehicle controller is the component that enables connectivity to all the electric parts of the vehicle. These controllers perform a vital role in the performance of the vehicle. The malfunction is dependent on the controller. These controllers govern extra care; hence, they are sealed with a protective box. We need to install some efficient controllers for a better experience of the electric two-wheelers. In this aspect, there are three types of controllers used in the electric two-wheelers; they are as follows: –

  • Brushed DC motor controller
  • Brushless DC motor controller
  • BLDC DC motor controller with hall sensor

The function of the controller depends on the types of the controller where used. For high efficiency, cheap cost, and durability, brushless Dc motor controllers are frequently used. Due to the less complex controller mechanism of the brushed Dc motor, this type of controller may be fairly used. Let’s here we discuss some brief about the above controllers.

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Brushed DC motor controllers

The construction and design of this type of motor are very simple; the brushed DC motor consists of a permanent magnet connected with the connector. 

As we know, e-bikes generally combine both pedal-assist and throttle. Several electric bikes have that motor, which enables the power-on-demand basis. In that case, the motor is used to operate manually with the help of a throttle.

The motor model no MY6812 DC motor is frequently used in the general application motor or electric scooter. This is much more reliable and durable too. These controllers are the brains of electric bikes.

Main characteristics

  • These controllers are built with aluminum alloy, which provides good thermal efficiency and avoids thermal overloading.
  • These controllers are high-quality products.
  • Very durable and mostly applicable for light electric vehicle
  • This proved the steady speed, stability in direction change, and a good sense of braking

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Brushless DC motor controller

These motors also come with a permanent magnet which is more reliable and has higher efficiency. E-Bikes have BLDC motors and BLDC controllers. The maintenance and the service of these types of motors are very simple.

BLDC DC motor with a controller with hall sensor

As we know, the brushless motor comes with no brushes. Therefore the motor needs to use a control system for deriving the motor properly. The coil of the BLDC motor is wound on the stator, and the rotor has a permanent magnet on the surface. And one more thing is that the electronic commutator is mounted in the place of a brush commutator.

A hall effect sensor is a device that can operate by the external magnetic field. The hall effect sensor is made of a P-type semiconductor. These semiconductors are taken as thin pieces in a rectangular shape. As this device is placed under the magnetic field, the semiconductor experiences the force generated by the magnetic flux lines. As a result, the charges start to move side-wise from the semiconductor material; this will happen due to the potential difference developed on the two sides of the semiconductor material. An external magnetic field may affect this movement of the charges via semiconductor material.

The generation of measuring voltage change with the help of magnetic fields is called the hall effect. This hall effect gives information about the magnitude and the magnetic pole of the magnetic field.

Characteristics of the E-Bike controller

There are the several characteristics of an e-bike controller as follows:-

  • The controller also protects the vehicle from fully draining; the controller always tracks the battery’s charge level, which will stop their power output when the batteries reach their lower value.
  • The controller also protects motors from overheating due to the excess current flow; the controller decreases the current flow level while it reaches its upper limit.

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How to choose the correct controller for the electric motorcycle?

There are the several the factors which we need to consider while choosing the controllers of the vehicle:-

Controller Current rating

The current rating is vital, and we need to consider it a priority. And for the higher efficiency, the current rating of the controller must be lower than the battery’s output current.

Controller voltage & power

The second and most important thing we need to consider is the controller’s voltage and power. In this area, two types of controllers are present in the market. One is non -programmable, and another is programmable.

While we chose the non-programmable controller, we need to check the controller’s voltage will be meeting with the output voltage, and the controller’s power must be slightly greater than the motor.

On the other hand, in the case of the programmable controllers, the power of this may be limited. The motor’s voltage should match the controller’s voltage and the vehicle’s battery. 

Control driving type

Controllers come with different phase voltage waveforms. Generally, two types of waveform shall observe one is a rectangular waveform, and another is a sinusoidal waveform. This type of sine wave is popular due to the low emission of noise. Hence, these provide better efficiency when riding over the hill and carrying a heavy load. These controllers have other benefits like providing smoother and more predictable control over general operations. There are also a few downsides of this type of sine wave: it is slightly costly, consumes more power, and is suitable with only matched motors.

On the other hand, square wave controllers are much more affordable; hence people prefer to use this controller. Some key reasons for their preference are that it is suitable with different motors and provides great efficiency during sudden braking or accelerations.

All devices come with their upside and downside, too; there is also some downside of this controller, which emits more noise than the sine waveform controller. Also, the square wave comptrollers are less motor efficient while riding over hills and carrying heavy loads.

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Advantages of electric motorcycle

Motor and effort

In electric bikes, we need to pedal to their initial speed. The motor which is mounted there only works when the rider pedals. These types of bikes are known as pedal-assisted electric bikes.

The e-bikes which have pedals are rare, and for these e-bikes, we need a proper license to ride over the road because they are basically moped or motorcycles.

These e-bikes are easy to ride because the motor helps to pedal. Hence the ride makes less effort and makes sweat less riding, which is more comfortable and pleasant.


Generally, e-bikes are environmentally friendly; they do not emit harmful emissions due to their run on electricity rather than liquid fuel.

Battery range

The only thing that we have to always keep in mind, we do not need to discharge the battery before charging. Depending on the battery and their charger, it can take up to 3 to 7hours to get a full charge because there is the absence of battery memory; hence we do charge any time when needed.

If the battery of e-bikes gets discharged while riding over the road, we need to just pedal to move the e-bikes. It’s become just like a heavy normal e-bike. And these are the advantages that make this better than other liquid fuel bikes.

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Lower running cost

The electric bikes present in the market are a little bit expensive to purchase compared to regular two-wheelers, but the amount of money that a ride spends on the liquid fuel that will save over the long period makes this extremely economical. Nowadays, the rapid rise of fuel costs makes more and more people adopt electric vehicles for lower running costs.


As there is no much more complex mechanism; as a result, the maintenance cost of electric bikes is much lower than regular vehicles.


Generally, electric bikes and electric scooters are very simple and have few parts. This makes it very compact and easy to park. Due to being lightweight, this also makes it easy to ride since the heavier the vehicle, the more difficult it is to ride it. 

Low noise

As we know, many bikes produce a lot of noise when driven. And when we go toward a busy street, we observe that several of the vehicles were participating in creating noise pollution. But these e-bikes are designed to produce less noise. 

Storage space

Electric e-bikes do not have as many mechanical parts as regular bikes and scooters. Hence, they are spacious and can be used to transport a variety of objects.

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Disadvantages of Electronic Motorcycle


The range of the electric bike is the distance covered by the bike in a single charge. And the range of these electric vehicles in India is nearly 100 KM for top electric two-wheeler models. And this range will be affected by the life of the battery. And the recharge time of the battery is about 4 to 8 hours; therefore, this is the least efficient for long-distance travel.

Battery life

Generally, the lives of these batteries are over one year, and once these drains, we need to replace the batteries. And the cost of these batteries will vary from rupees 12000 to 20000 rupees, depending on the rating, quality, banding, and warranties.

Lack of infrastructure

As we do in the many developed countries where electric vehicles are mainstream, and their charging stations can be mounted every few kilometers, where people can stop and charge their vehicles. However,  India does not have these types of infrastructure in a wide range; hence taking electric vehicles for long rides becomes next to impossible.

Repair & maintenance

For any bike repair and its maintenance will be a matter of concern, and for this e- vehicle, the repair centers and their spare parts dealers are few. But over the period, this will become popular, and their spare parts will become easily accessible.


When electric vehicles were introduced in India, they had very low power and couldn’t be driven at high speed. And the lower speed and lower power is one of the major disadvantages of these segments.

List of Best Electric Motorcycles

The advancement of technology in the motorcycle segment now improves the experience of riding a gear-less motorcycle with simple control and powerful electric motors. Here are the several lists of electric motorcycles listed below:-

  • One electric motorcycle Kridn
  • Zero SR
  • Harley- Davidson live wire
  • Arc vector
  • Energica EGO
  • Pursang E- Tracker
  • Lightning LS-218
  • Transform
  • Damon hypersport Pro
  • Super Soco TC
  • Evoke 6061
  • Revolt RV 400
  • Odyssey evoqis
  • Joy E-bike monster

One electric motorcycle Kridn

One electric motorcycle kridn is an electric bike which is manufactured in India. This motorcycle provides two basic riding modes one is Eco, and another is Sport. This has LCD Panel inbuilt with Bluetooth and several control instruments. The full specification regarding this particular electric motorcycle:-

electric motorcycle one electric motorcycle kridn
Electric motorcycle one electric motorcycle kridn
  • Battery: This vehicle has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3 KW, which provides a range of 110 km per single charge. 
  • Motor: 5.5 KW motor has been mounted in this vehicle, giving the maximum torque of 160+ NM. This motor helps this vehicle achieve a top speed of 95 km/ h.
  • Brake: the front and rear brake, both are the disc type. This has a combi brake system. The dimension of the front brake is 240 mm, and the rear brake diameter is 220 mm.
  • Suspension: The suspension of this particular bike is telescopic hydraulic on the front and hydraulic on the rear suspension.
  • Tyre: the dimension of the front tire is 80/100-17, and on the rear side is 120/80-16.
  • Wheels:  This bike also has alloy wheels that enhance the beauty, having dimensions of 431.8 mm on the front and 406.4 mm on the rear wheel.
  • Additional features: This vehicle has GPS/App-Connect – an option. Also, the digital speedometer and odometer provide well features in this electric bike segment.
  • Price: The ex-showroom price of this vehicle is 1.29 lakh INR.

Zero SR/F

This is an American company that manufactures electric motorcycles. It is also named Electricross, which was started in 2006 by Neel Saiki, a former NASA Engineer in California. Zero makes several electric motorcycles like Zero S(Street), Zero SR(Street racing), Zero DS(Dual Sport), Zero SR/F, etc.,  but here we are taking one of them, which is the latest, which is ZeroSR/F. the specification of this particular vehicle is given below:-

Electric motorcycle zero SR/F
  • Battery: This bike has a Z-Force lithium-ion intelligent integrated battery with a maximum capacity of 15.6 kWh and a normal capacity of 13.7 kWh. This provides a 227-mile range in a single charge.
  • Charger type: it has a 6 KW integrated, Cypher upgradable up to 7KW charger, which takes up to 2.7 hours to complete the charge, and with a 6 KW fast charger, it will take 1.5 hours to complete the charge.
  • Motor: This vehicle has Z-force 75-10 enhanced thermal efficiency internally permanent AC motor mounted passively air-cooled. This motor provides a maximum peak torque of 190 NM and peak power of 110 HP at the RPM of 5600. The top speed of this bike is 200 Km/ h.
  • Controller: this vehicle has a controller having massive efficiency and high power.
  • Transmission: this vehicle has clutchless direct-drive transmission.
  • Suspension: the front suspension of this vehicle has Showa 43 mm Big piston separate function.
  • Brakes: it has a front brake that is Bosh advance with a radial master cylinder brake having 320 x 5mm discs. And rear brake, whose specification is Bosch advance MSC, J-Juan single-piston floating caliper having 240x 4.5 mm disc.
  • Tyre: the front tyre is Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 120/70-17. And the rear tire is a Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 180/55-17.
  • Warranty: The standard warranty over a motorcycle is up to 2 years, but the power pack warranty is for 5 years
  • Price: the price of such an advanced motorcycle is £21620.

Harley- Davidson live wire

Everyone knows about the premium bike manufacturing company Harley-Davidson. Live wire is one of the divisions of Harley – Davidson pioneering. And exclusively spread their business in the US market. The specifications of this particular bike are given below: –

Harley- Davidson live wire
Harley- Davidson live wire
  • Battery: this vehicle has a high voltage battery whose capacity is 15.4 kWh rechargeable batteries with 13 miles for each hour of charging. This battery is also compatible with fast charging, which will take 40 minutes to charge 80% and 60 minutes for a complete charge. This battery accomplishes the range of 146 miles on a single charge.
  • Motor: The Revelation motor is mounted on this bike, whose power is 1400 KW.
  • Suspension: the front suspension of this vehicle is completely adjustable.
  • Tyre: the specs of the front tyre are 120/70-ZR17, and the rear tyre is 180/55 ZR17. Both the tyres are tubeless.
  • Wheel: the size of the front and rear wheels is the same, 431.8 mm.
  • Frame: the frame of this vehicle is made of aluminum alloy.
  • Braking system: This bike’s braking system comes with ABS compatibility. Rather than both, the brakes are Disk brakes.
  • Dimension and capacity: the dimension of this bike is 830 mm in width, 2135 mm long, and the height is 1080mm. The ground clearance of this bike is 130 mm, and the wheelbase is 1490 mm. This vehicle’s unladen weight is 249 kg.
  • Additional features: several additional features of this bike, like it, are compatible with GPS, is also compatible with fast charging, has music, alert information, a navigation system, etc.
  • Price: The price of this particular bike is 500000 INR.

Arc vector

Arc vector is manufactured under the British manufacturing company named Arc Vehicle limited. This is one of the most advanced electric vehicles in the world. Here is the detail of this bike:-

electric motorcycle arc vector
Electric motorcycle arc vector
  • Battery: the battery of this vehicle has a capacity of 16.8 kWh. This is coming with a CCS DC charger. This battery has enough power to cover a range of up to 436 km on a single charge. The battery of this vehicle takes 40 minutes to fully charge.
  • Motor: the motor of this vehicle has a 95 KW electric motor, which achieves an electronic speed of 200km/h.
  • Chassis: the main chassis structure is formed by carbon skin around the 399 V battery pack.
  • Suspension: this vehicle has fully adjustable Ohlins TTX suspension at the front and the rear of the vehicle directly attached to the carbon body.
  • Braking system: this vehicle has bamboo Stylema brake calipers and discs with ABS.
  • Transmission: this vehicle has a clutch less Single gear transmission.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is up to £90000.

Energica EGO

The energica ego is manufactured under the EMCE motor and inventor. The energica ego has eye-catching special features and graphics. This vehicle has a tricolor as a tribute to Italy. The specification of this vehicle is below: –

electric motorcycle energica ego
Electric motorcycle energica EGO
  • Battery: The battery of this vehicle comes with two variants having a capacity of Ego + max 21.5 KWh lithium polymer battery. The vehicle’s life is 1200 cycles at a charge of 80%. The manufacturer gives the warranty of 2 years on the vehicle and s the warranty of 2 years on the vehicle and years on the battery. It covers a range up to 420 km on a single charge.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a Hybrid synchronous motor (HSM) liquid-cooled 3 phase having a capacity of 300 V and 12000rpm with adaptive control inverter. The continuous power delivered by the motor is up to 145Hp, and for peak power, it will increase by 169 HP. This vehicle achieves a top speed of up to 150 miles per hour. This will reach 0 to 100 km/h speed acceleration in 2.6 seconds.
  • Tyre: The front tire size is 120/70 ZR17, and the rear tyre is 180/55 ZR17.
  • Frame: The frame size at the front is 3.5″ x 17″ and at the rear 5.5″ x 17″, made with Cast aluminum.
  • Suspension: The suspension of this vehicle is different from the others in the front end Marzocchi 43 mm fully adjustable compression damping, rebound, and spring preload, and the rear part is Bitubo mono-shock fully adjustable rebound and spring preloaded.
  • Abs: the abs system of this vehicle is Bosch switchable.
  • Braking system: the front brake of this vehicle is Brembo, double floating discs having a diameter of 330mm having 4 piston radial caliper. And at the rear, this is also a Brembo, single disc whose diameter is 240 mm having 2 piston calipers.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is $ 34000.

Pursang E- Tracker

The Prusang E- tracker was invented by Jim Palau Ribes and their team. This is the result of three years of continuous work to write the vision of the future motorcycle. This vehicle has a Bosch engine, and the different motorcycle parts are printed on 3D technology. The specification regarding this vehicle is below:

electric motorcycle Pursang E Tracker
Electric motorcycle Pursang E Tracker
  • Battery: this vehicle has 3 batteries of 48 V and 7.2 kW power; this will cover the range of 140 km on a single charge.
  • Motor: The motor of this vehicle is 11 KW Bosch and has a maximum current of 120 A. the top speed of this vehicle is 110 km/ hr.
  • Braking system: the size of the front brake is 320 mm floating disc: and the rear brake size is 240 mm floating system.
  • Suspension system:  the suspension system of the front is a 41 mm inverted fork, and the rear suspension is an adjustable damper.
  • Wheels: the dimension of the front wheel is Mt 90 120 / 80 – R18, and the rear wheel is MT 90 150 /70 52.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is up to £13000.

Lightning LS-218

Lightning is one of the largest manufacturers of racing motorbikes, and this will register their name as the fastest electric motorbike manufacturer in 2010 by dominating their place in the racing tournament in North America. The lightning mission is to manufacture a world-class motor vehicle that will be used as an alternative to current gasoline. The specification of this particular vehicle is given below:-V

electric motorcycle lightning ls 218
Electric motorcycle lightning LS 218
  • Battery:  The battery of this vehicle comes in three variants: the first one is the 380V and 12KWH battery, 2nd one is a 380V and 15 kWh battery, and the 3rd last is a 380 V and 20 kWh battery. The maximum range covered by this vehicle is 290 km on a single charge. It is also compatible to charge with DC fast charge, which will take only 30 minutes to complete charge, and with normal charger level 2, it will take 2 hours to complete charge.
  • Motor: this vehicle has an IPM liquid cooled 150KW and 10500 rpm electric motor. This will develop the torque of 228 NM and accelerate from 0to 90 km within 2.2 seconds. The top speed of this vehicle is 351 km/h.
  • Weight: the unladen weight of this vehicle is 224.5 kg.
  • Suspension system:  The Front suspension of this bike is a Race tech force built with billet aluminum, and the mounting is radial. This suspension is fully adjustable spring preload, compression, and rubber rebounding.
  • Tyres and wheels: the material used for both wheels is lightning forged aluminum. But the front wheel size is 3.5″ x 17″, and the size of the rear wheel is 6.0″ x 17″. The specs for the front tyre are 120/70 ZR17, and the rear tyre is 190/55 ZR17. 
  • Price: This vehicle’s price varies from 28.8 lakh to 34.22 lakh INR.  


The Transform is designed for more flexibility and economy so that the battery pack of the motorcycle may be upgraded as technology is updated. The body design is just eye-watering, and the software of this vehicle is updated for comfort and smart ride. The specification of this vehicle is given below:-

electric motorcycle transform
Electric motorcycle transform
  • Battery:  The battery of this vehicle is 10 Kwh which is also compatible with the Dc fast charger, which takes 50 minutes to charge, and if we charge with the charger of level 2, it takes up to 2 hours. This will cover the range of 193 km in a single charge.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a 55 HP motor providing a top speed of 144 km/h
  • Suspension: This vehicle’s front and rear suspensions are Ohlins TTX36 Shock and linkage system.
  • Wheel: The wheels of this vehicle are 18″ billet aluminum wheels.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is $ 24000.

Damon hypersport Pro

The Damon hypersport pro bike has been first seen in the consumer electronics show 2020. This hypersport electric motorcycle comes in two variants: Hypersport HS and Hypersport pro. The specification of this battery is given below:

Electric motorcycle damon hypersport pro
Electric motorcycle Damon hypersport Pro
  • Battery:  The battery of this vehicle is 20 KWh which generates 197 BHP to achieve the speed of 321.8 km/h. and it covers the range of 480 km in a single charge in city conditions. This will take 3 hours to complete.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a PMAC liquid-cooled 160 KW peak motor having 200 HP.
  • This vehicle also comes with the Ohlins suspension and single-sided carbon fiber swingarm.
  • Tyre: The front tire size is 120mm X 17″, and the specs for a rear tyre are 200 mm X 17″.
  • Braking system:  this vehicle has Dual 300 mm discs mounted on the front side, and the rear brakes have been single disc. This vehicle has a Brembo brake.
  • Additional specification: this particular bike has co-pilot features that use Blackberry’s QNX technology. This system has two 1080-pixel cameras and several sensors that scan the surroundings in real-time and deliver important info to the rider.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is around 29 lakh INR.

Super Soco TC

The super soco bike is compatible with 1 or 2 removable batteries charged separately by the bike itself or by using the charger. The detailed specification of this bike is given below:

electric motorcycle super soco TC
Electric motorcycle super soco TC
  • Battery: the battery of this bike is also a lithium-ion whose capacity is 60 V and 30 AHS. It covers a range of 160 km. The charge of this battery has a capacity of  90 V, which takes 7 to 8 hours for complete charging.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a Bosch motor whose rating power is 1500 W and the, maximum power of 3000 W, and maximum torque is 150 NM. The maximum current discharge by this motor is 50A.
  • Dimension: the dimension of this bike is 1926 mm long, 710 mm wide, and 110 mm in height. The wheelbase is 1320 mm, and the ground clearance is 198mm.
  • Tyres: – this vehicle has tubeless tyres whose size on the front is 70/ Z17, and the rear size is 110/Z17.
  • Suspension: the front suspension is upside-down forks, and the hydraulic mono-shock is mounted at the rear.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is £3748.75.

Evoke 6061

Evoke 6061 is a hand-assembled premium electric bike that takes approximately 90day to complete. The detailed specification regarding this eye-watering bike is below:

electric motorcycle evoke 6061
Electric motorcycle Evoke 6061
  • Battery: The battery of this vehicle is a high voltage 300V battery pack that comes with 125 KW DC fast chargers. Its Ac charger also comes with 3.3 KW onboard chargers. The range of this vehicle is 470 km on a single charge.
  • Motor: this bike has a permanent magnet multi- wound synchronous motor. Which generates 160 HP and 8000 rpm. This will come with a liquid cooling system.
  • Frame: the frame of this vehicle is made of Aluminium plates, machined and laser-cut, laser-cut to precision.    
  • Tyre: the specification for the front tyre is 140/70-17 and 200/55-17 for the rear one.
  • Wheel: the front wheel has 64 spokes, the cross-hatch has a size of 3.5″ x 17″, the rear wheel also has 64 spokes, and the cross-hatch has a size of 6.0″ x 17″.
  • Suspension: the front suspension of the vehicle is 54 mm USD forks. It comes with 3 way fully adjustable forks. The vehicle’s rear suspension is Dual shocks 3- way fully adjustable.
  • Brake: the front brake of this vehicle is Dual 4 piston and dual 310 mm discs, and the rear brake is 2 pistons, 260 mm disc.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is 18.26 lakh INR

Revolt RV 400

The Revolt RV 400 is India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle. This vehicle comes in two variants and 3 colors. The details of their specification are given below:-

electric motorcycle Revolt RV 400
Electric motorcycle Revolt RV 400
  • Battery: the battery of this vehicle has 3KW lithium-ion battery, which offers a 120 km range on a single charge. It takes 4.5 hours to complete the charge.
  • Motor: the motor of this vehicle has a capacity of 3KWH, which produces 5 KW power and 50 NM of torque. The top speed of this vehicle is 85 km/h.
  • Braking system: the CBS-type braking system is used in this vehicle. The size of the front and the rear brake is 240 mm disc.
  • Wheel & tyre: this vehicle has alloy wheels of 17″ and the size of the front tyre 90/80-17 and the size of the rear tyre 120/80-17.
  • Suspension: The front suspension’s specifics are equipped with an upside-down fork, and the rear suspension is a dynamic Monoshock.
  • Dimension: the length of this vehicle is 2156 mm, the width is 813 mm, and the height is 1112 mm. The wheelbase distance is 1350 mm, and the ground clearance is 215 mm.
  • Warranty: the battery warranty is 8 years or 150000 km, and the motor warranty is 5 years.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle varies from 98,960 and 1,14,278 INR.

Odyssey evoqis

Odysee Evoqis have alloy frames and come with various features. A detailed explanation of this vehicle is given below:-

electric motorcycle odyssey evoqis
Electric motorcycle Odyssey Evoqis
  • Battery: this vehicle has a 4.32 kWh lithium-ion battery. This takes 5 hours to completely charge, and this offers a 100 km range in a single charge.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a Brushless DC motor whose maximum power is 4300 W and rated power of 3000 W.  Which delivers maximum torque of 64 NM. The top speed of this bike is 80 km/h.
  • Braking system: this vehicle has a disc brake
  • Wheels & tyre: this vehicle also has alloy wheels of 17″.
  • Suspension: the front suspension of this bike is Telescopic, and the rear suspension is heavy spring-loaded.
  • Dimension: the length of the vehicle is 2060 mm, the width is 740 mm, and the height is 1150 mm. The distance of the wheelbase is 1470 mm, and the ground clearance is 170mm.
  • Warranty: the battery warranty of this vehicle is 3 years, and the warranty of the motor is 1 year.
  • Price: the price of the vehicle is 158349 INR.

Joy E-bike monster

Joy monster is the latest addition of joy, having an eye-catching design and a pair of wheels which is powerful and supercool and come with innovative tech. the detail of this vehicle is given below:

electric motorcycle joy e bike monster
Electric motorcycle joy E-bike monster
  • Battery: The battery of this vehicle is a 72 V 39Ah lithium-ion battery. Which covers the range of 95 km in a single charge. This will take 5 hours to complete.
  • Motor: This vehicle has a 1500 W Brushless DC hub motor which implies a top speed of 60km/h.
  • Suspension: The suspension of this bike is hydraulically controlled. The front suspension is upside down, and the rear suspension is a mono-shock.
  • Braking system: both front and rear brakes are DISC brakes.
  • Wheels & tyres: both wheels of this bike are alloy wheels having a size 14″, and both the tyres are tubeless.
  • Dimension: the length of this vehicle is 1760 mm, the width is 730 mm, and the height is 1010 mm. The ground clearance of this vehicle is 150 mm.
  • Price: the price of this vehicle is 100850 INR.

FAQs for Electric Motor Cycles

How fast can motorcycles go?

Answer: Several motorcycles have a top speed of about 345 km/h, and this is recorded fastest till now in the electric motorcycle segment.

How does it take to charge the battery?

Answer: If we use a normal charger, it will take 4 to 6 hours for complete charging, but several models are compatible with fast chargers that will take only 50 to 120 minutes to complete the charge.

Are electric motorcycles more costly than petrol motorcycles?

Answer: Generally, these motorcycles are a little more costly than the petrol motorcycle, but this rate will decrease in the future.

How far can an electric motorcycle go?

Answer: The electric motorcycle range depends on the battery pack, motor, and vehicle’s speed, but the range of electric vehicles varies from 120 km to 400 km on a single charge.

How much is the lifespan of an electric motorcycle battery?

Answer: the life span of the battery may affect the use of electric components, but this will last up to 180000 km, and after that, we need to replace them.   

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