List of 36 Exterior Parts of a Car: Outside or External Body Parts Name, Diagram, Images & Details

Hi friends! We all are used to see cars every day and have you observed the Exterior Parts of a Car as well. In this article, we will capture all of the parts in detail. Deconstructing your automobile to its bare essentials is the greatest approach to understanding it part by part. Your car essentially includes an engine, a cooling system, a chassis, a steering wheel, four wheels, and a seat for the driver as well as passengers.

With the addition of gearboxes and convenient technologies, modern car models have elevated these key components to a new level. There may be some car owners who do not see the importance of knowing the parts of the body of their own cars or vehicles as well. There are however some advantages to being aware of the different names and functions of different automotive body parts. Let’s explore!

Car Exterior Body Parts: Basics, History & Why to Know?

Exterior Body Parts of a Car Basics

The car is made up of many numbers of external parts and each part has its own importance and functions. If you drive a car or not, it is most important to know all these parts. Here, we will discuss the basics of all external or exterior body parts with images and details.

Exterior parts car name outside external body accessories
Exterior parts car name outside external body accessories

Car Interior Parts History

Mr. Karl Benz, the person who had invented the first car in 1886, and show that each car has multiple parts like internal and external and over a period, all parts are developed. Exterior parts are becoming more smart and more sophisticated.

Exterior Body Parts of a Car: Why It is Required to Know?

Knowing how various auto parts work, for instance, can greatly assist the vehicle owner in maintaining the vehicle in the most efficient manner. You can take the appropriate actions to fix issues that may arise if you are familiar with the function of each component such that you are able to spot them early. Here are a few significant benefits of knowing the various parts of your car and also their workings:

  • Knowing what your car is worth will help you make better decisions.
  • An increase in safety while driving
  • The ability to repair, troubleshoot, and maintain equipment on your own.
  • You can help people, in case of emergency.

Here is the list of names of various exterior car parts that you must be aware of:

What are Car Exterior Parts? Name, List & Diagram

What are Car Exterior Parts of Car?

A car’s exterior consists of the external components that drivers, passengers and the people can feel about the the vehicle when they see. The exterior design depends on multiple factors like the type of cars, where to drive, aerodynamics, height, efficiency, looks, ground clearance and many more factors! Here is a list of basic exterior parts which must be known to all of us.

Exterior Parts of a Car Name & List

Body KitsBody Shell
Body TrimCar Bonnet or Hood
Automobile Bonnet GrillsCar Bumper Grills
Bumper GuardsBumpers
Crash Guard or Bull barWindshield/Windscreen
Side sillsWheel Bearings
Spare TireDoor and windows
Quarter windowsHeadlight
TaillightsFog Lights
Rear-View MirrorsFront view camera
Blind spot MirrorsFront Wipers
Rear WipersRunning Board
Roof railSunroofs
Tow HitchMufflers or the silencer
Parking SensorsNumber plate
Exterior Parts of a Car Name & List

Here are the basic details of all the car exterior parts:

Exterior Parts of a Car Diagram & Pictures

Let us see car exterior parts diagram to have a an idea before going into the detailed part list:

Exterior Car Parts or Car Body Parts Description

The list of exterior car parts varies based on the types of cars, luxuary carsOpens in a new tab. or normal cars, etc, however we have captured here the standard exterior parts along with the basic concept, function, etc. below:

1# Exterior Parts of Car: Body Kits

An assortment of exterior automotive changes known as a car body kit often includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and occasionally wing mirrors. They are often added by automobile enthusiasts or owners to enhance the general appearance of their new automobile and give it a unique appeal. There are many different designs and varieties of body kits, and they can be used for a variety of different purposes. A body kit, also known as a “ground effects kit,” was mainly used by dedicated racing cars to improve their aerodynamics, enhance their fuel economy, and even make them more responsive to the road.

Over the past few decades, many enthusiasts have been using them to add some personality to their streetcars, so they would stand out when they were front and center at a car show, or they could make their cars stand out on their own.

  • As an enhancement of the appearance of a new automobile, these are often added by auto enthusiasts or owners of the vehicle in order to give it a unique appearance and enhance its appeal to other people.
  • Body Kits for car exteriors come in many different designs and varieties, and they are useful for a variety of situations.
  • Moreover, some people determine that the inclusion of a body kit will serve a functional purpose as well.
  • The body kit is one method that can be used in order to replace parts of your car, such as bumpers if they are damaged. Using body kits, you can also repair and replace other damaged parts of the body that have been damaged over time.

2# Exterior Parts of Car: Body Shell

The body shell is made up of a convoluted combination of substantial steel parts. The pieces that make up the body of your automobile have been stamped into certain forms. The occupants are protected from the outdoors and from accidents, sturdy mounts are provided for all other systems, and these pieces are made to cut through the air with little resistance. The body must be attractive in order to fulfil another duty that is often significant to the owner.

Exterior parts car name body shell

The aerodynamics of the automobile is also determined by the design of the body; some types of cars have great aerodynamics that minimizes drag, while others have terrible aerodynamics. Although each of the countless components that make up an automobile is crucial, it is also crucial for the body to be comfortable enough for you to ride in. We have a comfortable ride because of the body’s suspension system, which also protects us from the road’s shocks.

  • The vehicle’s body shell serves as its structural foundation. The crash load criteria are all satisfied, regardless if they are statutory, rating-relevant, internal, or even in the future.
  • It is necessary in order to improve suspension comfort further, to increase the shear forces operating at the body shell’s force application sites as well as the body shell’s own shear forces. The body shell’s innovative joining method and proper component design helped to fulfill these standards as well. 
  • This component is made with the intention of supporting the weight of not only all the car’s components but also the weight of the occupants as well. 

3# Exterior Parts of Car: Body Trim

Trim is nothing but whatever the automaker adds to the vehicle to improve its look and design. The surrounding strips of the vehicle serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Radiator grills, window frames, light rings, door handles, emblems, and antennae are examples of a few typical external trim components.

Exterior parts car body trim
Exterior parts car body trim

There are several variations of trims we can see on almost every car available on the market. A range of features and accessories are available in each edition or trim. Car trimmings make it simpler for customers to distinguish between models. For each model, several automakers often provide a number of trim options, option packages, or stand-alone options. These enable customers to have the characteristics they require and want.

  • Besides protecting the paintwork of your car, the auto-trim is also crucial for a car’s aesthetics, as it protects the lights and windscreen, as well as other functional parts, as well as serves a protective purpose for the paintwork of your car.
  • In comparison to current automobiles, which tend to make use of multiple types of polymers when it comes to the majority of trim, earlier autos tended to depend on rubber and chrome-plated metal for most of their trim. 
  • As part of the trim package, you will also receive door handles, truck bed covers, rear view mirrors, and tubular supports for the SUV step as well as sunroof wind deflectors.

4# Exterior Parts of a Car: Car Bonnet or Hood

A front-engine vehicle’s engine is covered by a hinged cover known as a car hood, sometimes known as a bonnet in certain other countries. The first impressions of a vehicle are greatly determined by how the car’s hood looks and its shape. Usually made of steel, car hoods can sometimes occasionally be made of aluminum.

exterior parts car name bonnet hood
Exterior parts car name bonnet hood

The car hood of a front-engine automobile may hinge at the front or rear edge, or in earlier versions, it may be divided into two portions, one on each side, each hinged along the midline. Another variation allows the whole front bodywork to tilt forward around a pivot located close to the front of the vehicle while combining the bonnet and wheel arches into a single segment.

A hood is usually made from the same material that makes up the rest of the body. Materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber can be used to construct a hood. To make the vehicle lighter, however, several aftermarket businesses create steel or fiberglass replacement hoods.

  • A hood is an important part of a vehicle in terms of shedding pounds, as it enables modifications to the design of the car as well as aerodynamic advancements that allow access to the engine for maintenance and repairs.
  • Using plastic composites, manufacturers are able to produce complex geometric designs with a deep undercut in the bonnet for its appearance purposes.
  • A hood’s purpose is to shield both a car’s engine and battery from the elements as well as from the dangerous elements. Moreover, they provide easy access to auto maintenance and repair services as well as a number of other services. There is a possibility that owners of automobiles would need to be aware of the fact that damage to the hood is common.

5# Exterior Parts of a Car: Bonnet Grills

There is no doubt that the grille is an essential part of the styling of your car and probably one of the most noticeable parts of your car when you drive it. There are openings found on the front of your vehicle that is covered up by this grille. The radiator and engine of your vehicle are protected in part by these parts of your vehicle, which have the dual function of allowing air to enter and exit your vehicle.

Bonnet Grills
Bonnet Grills

Others have them to cool the battery system, while some only employ artificial ones as solely decorative components. A grille may occasionally be included among the aerodynamic elements that manufacturers use to increase speed while lowering drag. The grille is frequently used by automobile manufacturers as their brand’s logo. Sometimes you can determine what brand of automobile you are looking at by the front end.

  • The air might enter the engine compartment through an aperture in the front of the car. Nothing overheats because of the air’s role in cooling the radiator and the engine.
  • Manufacturers will add a component known as the automobile grille to conceal the hole. While shielding the engine components from sand and other road debris, it allows for unobstructed airflow below the hood.
  • In the last few decades, however, times have changed and every day more and more people are driving electric cars, which have no combustible engine or radiator to prevent them from catching fire.
  • Even though these cars still use grilles, the automakers of these models continue to use them to enhance the looks of the vehicles.

6# Exterior Parts of Car: Bumper Grills

Bumper grills are grilles that are either attached to the bumper cover of a vehicle or built into the bumper cover that is usually constructed out of plastic or metal. Typically, these Bumper grills are constructed from ABS plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum.

exterior parts car name bumper grills
Exterior parts car name bumper grills

The term radiator grille refers to a device that allows cold air to flow inside the car’s hood to cool down various elements that have been overheated due to use and friction, but more especially the radiator and engine. Although radiator grilles do not need to be present in every car, we’re sure there are plenty of motorists who have grown accustomed to their looks, meaning radiator grilles are likely to remain in existence, even in an increasingly EV-oriented market.

  • Bumper grilles are not only for decoration; appearance matters for brand awareness and consumer appeal. A radiator grille is another name for a bumper grille, which is distinct from side skirt and trunk grilles.
  • Throughout history, the radiator grille has served a single purpose ever since it was first created, and this has remained the same ever since.
  • The differences in grille designs may dominate the aesthetic aspect of the grille, but they may not be as effective as they are in terms of functionality.
  • In spite of this, it should be noted that one of the most important aspects of electric cars is the fact that the choice of whether or not to include a radiator grille or merely a front grille is one of design.

7# Exterior Parts of a Car: Bumper Guards

There is nothing worse than having your dream car damaged for reasons that are beyond your control, especially when the car you have invested a lot into costs a lot of money. There are times when you can make driving in busy areas or leaving your car in a crowded parking lot a bit easier when you have a bumper guard installed on your car.

exterior parts car name bumper guard
exterior parts car name bumper guard

Even the most cautious drivers occasionally get into collisions. In a parking lot, if your car is rear-ended or otherwise damaged, the other driver can just drive away. Many individuals use bumper guards to safeguard their automobiles from harm that would not be prevented by auto insurance.

Automobile bumper guards are used to prevent scratches and scrapes on your car. You may securely protect your car’s bumper with some fantastic guards or guards that are readily accessible in the market, but you cannot completely eliminate this danger.

  • There is always a chance that someone will rear-end your car if you have to park in a congested garage or on a busy roadway. If you don’t have enough space to reverse out of a parking place, you can potentially wind up harming your car without any intention.
  • You will have some protection from harm thanks to a foam guard. Additionally, it can shield your car’s front end from minor fender bender damage.
  • Some may contend that bumper guards give your car a sportier aesthetic, but the majority of drivers dislike adding a heavy bar to their automobiles.
  • The aesthetics of a highly customized car may not be compatible with bumper guards, despite the fact that they are available in a number of colors, in the end, everything boils down to individual choices and their preferences.

8# Exterior Parts of Car: Bumpers

In addition to your car’s front and rear ends, the bumpers are exterior parts that make up your car’s exterior. In most cases, it plays a crucial role in guarding your car’s body against collisions and minor bumps so that you can drive safely.

An energy-absorbing layer of material is surrounded by a specially shaped plastic or metal covering, which makes it appear as if a bumper cover was protruding above the ground. It is designed to mitigate the effects of low-speed collisions on vehicles’ front and rear ends by absorption of impact to the front and back of the vehicle.

exterior parts car name bumper front
Exterior parts car name bumper front

Today’s typical passenger car bumpers feature pieces of compressible foam or plastic behind a hard reinforcement bar on the underside of the outer cover. In order to prevent damage to the car body, passenger automobile bumpers must withstand a five mph hit with another vehicle. This is made feasible by foam or plastic. That material squeezes down between the reinforcing bar and the body of the vehicle upon contact.

exterior parts car name bumper back
exterior parts car name bumper back

Late 18th-century bumpers had more impact-absorbing material, but automakers pushed for lighter-weight designs to increase fuel economy. A lot of bumpers of the cars were also a matter of style, with many of them protruding above all other parts of the car, which some people found to be clumsy and unattractive.

  • It is common for motorists and pedestrians to mistakenly perceive car bumpers as purely decorative elements rather than a functional part of the car.
  • In actuality, this bumper’s aesthetic qualities are really its secondary role, because this component was first created with pedestrian safety in mind. Additionally, the front of the engine compartment’s critical components and the body’s supporting components are protected from injury by stiff-hinged structures. Replacing the bumper of a car is far less expensive than straightening an automobile that has been twisted in a small collision.
  • In today’s vehicles, bumpers are resilient elements that can reduce the impact of a collision by acting as a damping agent. It is true that most of the time, it bursts and can become smaller fragments; however, it is designed to extinguish a large portion of the energy generated during the collision, so that a significant amount of that energy can be extinguished.

9# Exterior Parts of a Car: Crash Guard or Bull bar

There are a number of devices that are installed on the front of a vehicle, ranging from a bullbar or crash guard to even a push bumper, which functions to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions whether they are accidental collisions on rural roads or intentional collisions on urban roads with other vehicles.

exterior parts car name crush guard
Exterior parts car name crush guard

In terms of size and shape, they vary significantly, and usually, they are made from stainless steel or aluminum tubing, but more recently, they have been made from polycarbonate and polyethylene molded products.

  • This bumper and grille guard provides bumper and grille protection, as well as better night visibility, to your truck’s front end, while creating a tough, heavy-duty look.
  • The rugged, high-quality bull bars make it easy for you to protect your vehicle from dents, dings, and other damages.

10# Exterior Part of Cars: Windshield/Windscreen

As the name suggests, a windshield or windscreen means an object which protects us from wind resistance as well as the elements normally associated with the wind like debris, dust, rain, direct sunlight, etc. It is basically the window that is fixed on the front side of a car and protects us.

Exterior parts car name windscreen or windshield
Exterior parts car name windscreen or windshield
  • Windshields are designed in such a way that it is very hard to break even car moves on uneven surfaces.
  • It is basically a laminated safety glass.
  • The laminated safety glass is made with two numbers of curved glass sheets and a special plastic layer is placed between two layers of curved glass to make it perfectly strong.
  • This entire laminated safety glass is placed on the front side of the car within a rubber window frame.
  • Protection from high wind resistance, debris, rain, sunlight, insects, etc.
  • In present days, coating against ultraviolet rays is sometimes applied to avert health problems, although it is not necessary as maximum rays are absorbed by the laminated safety glass.

12# Exterior Parts of Car: Side sills

There are several benefits to having side sills installed in your car because it acts as a doormat and provides a base for you and your passengers to step on when getting in and out of your car. In the past, door sill guards used to be popular for older vehicles because they had separate step plates that were attached to them. 

The door sill protectors have largely faded away for a while as we slowly stopped making distinct car steps and we did away with car steps altogether. As a result of these benefits now being well appreciated, they have been able to emerge from obscurity once again only for them to become more and more popular than they have ever been.

  • The paint on your car’s body is protected by these coatings, and they help to prevent any damage to the paint from outside in-convenience factors.
  • Moreover, it is also useful in protecting your car from the everyday mud and dust that gets on it from time to time.
  • Sill plates for cars are no longer prone to getting scraped or scratched by the footwear of passengers.
  • Adopting this accessory will reduce the number of abrasions caused by the car doors.

13# Exterior Parts of Car: Wheel Bearings

A wheel bearing is made up of many steel balls that are kept together by a mechanic called race, a type of metal ring. Your wheels have a hollow metal object in the middle that is known as a hub. As the wheel rotates, the wheel bearings, which are mounted on a metal axle shaft and fit snugly inside the hub, serve to decrease friction, as the wheel spins.

The wheel bearings need to be sufficiently tight to keep out water and road debris, which makes them distinct from the engine bearings in that there isn’t a regular source of lubrication for them. They are subjected to a great deal of harm from uneven roads, potholes, and lateral pressures while turning since they also hold the weight of the entire vehicle while driving. The wheel bearing, like the majority of vehicle parts, is subject to wear and tear over time and may potentially require replacement. So like all other car parts this wheel bearing also needs to be replaced, for a safer and smoother ride.

  • Any vehicle’s power train depends heavily on its wheel bearings since they serve as the initial link between the moving and unmoving parts of the vehicle.
  • The wheel’s revolution is synchronized with the bearing’s rotation by grease, and the rolling action of the balls allows the wheel hub to revolve as freely as possible.
  • The driven wheels of a vehicle typically employ roller bearings, whereas the un-driven wheels often use tapered bearings.

14# Exterior Parts of Car: Rims

There is a metal part known as the rim that wraps around the rubber tire and is attached to the wheel. There are many different types of car rims, but the most common ones are made from steel or aluminum. A car’s wheels can be a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the owners’ preference, ranging from a standard set of plastic hubcaps to a brightly colored set of showy spinners. 

exterior parts car name rim
Exterior parts car name rim
  • The tire is secured to the wheel by the rim, which is the cylindrical wheel’s outside edge. The rim’s primary job is to secure and support the tire on the wheel.
  • The rim guarantees optimum tire-to-rim fit and maintains the air pressure within tubeless tires.

15# Exterior Parts of Car: Tires

In many ways, the wheels are some of the most fundamental and crucial components of a car’s body, and they have always been in use. The car moves from one point to another by using these circular forms, which generate and control rotary motion in order to move it.

Car tires
Car tires

Tires are rubber parts that are wrapped around wheels and used to grip the surface of roads in order to provide traction. The wheels of a car can spin without tires, but it won’t travel very far since it doesn’t have tires on the wheels. In the absence of these, the wheels of the vehicle would slip on the road more quickly and the vehicle would not be able to move forward.

  • As well as reducing shock, they provide traction as well. Considering the role that they play as part of the suspension system as cushioning devices, they can be considered to be a component of it.
  • When you drive on rough terrains, your car’s shock absorber can also act as a cushioning & shock absorption system.
  • In order to prevent rubbing or touching of wheel rims, tires prevent the rims from rubbing.

16# Exterior Parts of Car: Spare Tire

There is a term known as a spare tire or a Stepney tire, and it refers to an additional tire that a vehicle carries in case a tire goes flat, blows out, or goes flat due to some other emergency. It is generally accepted that the term spare tire is a misnomer.

Car Spare Tire
Car Spare Tire

In the majority of cases, vehicles are actually equipped with an entire wheel with a tire mounted on it as a spare, rather than just a tire, since it will take additional tools and equipment to fit a tire to a wheel, without the driver having to carry additional equipment.

17# Exterior Parts of Car: Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are the most basic external automobile components. The portions of your car that you open to enter and exit are known as the doors. They are in charge of keeping you safe while you are driving. The door lock, panel, handle, and storage box is just a few of the components that make up a car door. Depending on the model, your car might have anywhere from two to four doors. Additionally, even though most automobile doors may be opened by hand, it is not unusual to have remote-controllable car doors.

Car Doors & Windows
Car Doors & Windows

This way, you are able to shield yourself from the outside elements while also being able to mount the doors on these windows. Window glass controllers are found within the doors, and similarly to the windshield controllers, they allow you to raise and lower the windows as you like. Various parts of the Car Doors

  • Handles of the door: Exterior and interior door knobs for car doors are available in plastic or metal. The handle might be painted to match the rest of the automobile, chrome, or black, based on the owner’s preference.
  • Windows of the car doors: A manual or mechanical window opener can be used on the door of a car in order to open and close it. Manual windows, on the other hand, are operated by a crank that is attached to a crank handle, which is controlled by an electric motor, as opposed to power windows, which are controlled by switches, motors, and additional components.
  • The hinge of the doors: An important part of the car’s body is the hinge that connects the door to the vehicle. In the same way as any hinge, it is the mechanism that allows you to open and close the door as you use it. The majority of door hinges are constructed of sturdy metal, such as steel.

18# Exterior Parts of Car: Quarter Window

Small panels of glass can often be found on the side of cars that allow air to flow into the car and ventilate it. It was during the 19th century that these types of windows began to gain popularity and became the standard on nearly every vehicle.

Car Quarter Window
Car Quarter Window

When most quarter glass windows were in place during this time period, they were operated by a manual tilt mechanism, which facilitated a pivoting motion of the glass panel, allowing air to flow into the car. Prior to the emergence of air conditioning in vehicles, this type of vent glass was extremely popular because it allowed a driver and the passengers in the front seat to direct a flow of cool air into the vehicle to help keep the passengers cool.

  • As much as tilting quarter glasses have their origins in ventilation in early vehicles, stationary windows with quarter glasses are still very common even though their purpose is primarily the same.
  • Many people wonder why we still have these windows since cooling a vehicle is no longer a concern.
  • In addition to increasing the visibility of the front of the vehicle and the side-view mirrors, they also increase the visibility of the rear view mirror.

19# Exterior Parts of Car: Head-Lights

To light up the road ahead, vehicles have headlamps attached to their fronts. There is a distinction between headlamps and headlights, which refers to the device itself and the beam of light produced and dispersed by it, respectively. The headlamp is often referred to as a headlight, but in most instances, the headlamp means the device itself.

Car Parts head lights
Car Parts head lights
  • High beam headlights are designed to provide the driver with a clean field of vision when there is no nearby source of light and little traffic.
  • You should apply this when a vehicle approaches from the opposite side or lies directly in front of you.
  • Especially if one is driving at a high speed, this temporary blindness can have horrific consequences.

20# Exterior Parts of Car: Tail lights

Your car’s tail lights, which is located in the back and gives you vision for the cars coming from the back side and help to caution the rear cars to have a safe distance. Brake lights, for instance, alert other vehicles when you are slowing down or stopping entirely. By doing this, you can avoid having cars rear-end your vehicle.

Car Tail lights
Car Tail lights
  • Tail lights and their light sources are parts of the vehicle that are important for safety.
  • They must be approved by the appropriate authorities and cannot be altered. Laws govern the type and placement of light functions on vehicles as well as their design, light sources, colors, and photometric values. 

21# Exterior Parts of Car: Fog Lights

There is a type of automotive light called a front fog light which is used to help the driver notice obstacles in front of the vehicle as he drives. As described above, it is located beneath the headlight assembly, and it works in a similar manner to a headlight assembly in that it emits a beam of light that resembles a bar, with a sharp cutoff at the top so that the light does not reflect off of the fog.

exterior parts car name fog lights
Exterior parts car name fog lights

To ensure that other drivers can see your car in low-visibility conditions, rear fog lights emit a red-colored light similar to brake lights. The rear bumper cover includes a reverse light that may be used as a reverse light or as part of the middle piece of the bumper cover. It should be noted that fog lights aren’t mandatory like headlights, but are considered auxiliary lights instead. A dealer will sometimes give buyers the option of having fog lights as an add-on to their vehicle if they do not already have them because they are usually not included in base models and lower-tier cars.

  • It is specially designed to be used in situations where it may become foggy in the areas you are traversing, hence the name fog lights.
  • As a result of the wide beams and low beams being used when there is heavy rain, they are probably going to cause glare. For this reason, fog lamps are important to help you see the road ahead.
  • During the dust storm, this fog light can be helpful to have them along with you when you pull off of the highway or street and onto the shoulder of the road, as they can help you navigate your way.

22# Exterior Parts of Cars: Rear-View Mirrors

This is a flat mirror that is attached to a vehicle’s rear and enables the driver to see back through the vehicle’s rear window through a flat mirror on the vehicle’s rear. As its name suggests, a rear view mirror is a device that allows a driver to see backward inside the vehicle, and it is normally placed at the top of the windscreen within the cabin so that the driver can see rearwards.

Cars Rear-View Mirrors
Cars Rear-View Mirrors
  • An essential safety device that can be installed in any vehicle, even a small one, is a seat belt. In the event of overtaking, parking in reverse gear, or reversing out of a driveway, it can assist the driver.
  • In addition to the mirrors attached to the exterior of the vehicle body, vehicles generally have a pair of mirrors within the body.

23# Exterior Parts of Cars: Front view camera

Most automobile cameras consist of a single camera attached to the front windscreen and capture the view of incoming traffic, the cars in front of it, the pavement immediately in front, and the front-side regions – not the areas perpendicular to the side doors. A camera in the front of the automobile records traffic ahead in lanes other than the one the driver is in while the vehicle travels along a freeway or dual carriageway.

exterior parts car name front view camera
Exterior parts car name front view camera
  • A front view camera will ensure evidence is captured if someone hits your car during a generally careless or poorly executed maneuver.
  • As a part of Active Safety and Driver Assistance, the front camera is used for Autonomous Emergency Braking, and Lane-Keeping Assist, among a significant number of other features.
  • The front camera helps the car maintain a safe and legal speed, stay in its lane, provides a secure gap from the cars in front of it, and react to crises by keeping an eye on the vehicles up front.
  • By automatically braking the car when it detects objects such as vehicles, trucks, pedestrians, etc, the front camera alerts the driver and prevents collisions. 

24# Exterior Part of Car: Blind spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are helpful gadgets that can be installed on the side mirrors of a vehicle in order to highlight part of the road that is hidden from the view of the driver because it is hidden from the driver’s view. By using this system, you’ll be able to remain aware of the car that lurks behind you, and you’ll also be able to change lanes without having to compromise your safety.

Blind spot mirror
  • With mounting tape, the mirror can be adjusted to fit a wide-angle blind spot, which can be a small effort to reduce blind spots in a significant way.
  • There is no one right place to place the blind spot sensor for reducing blind spots in a vehicle, but it is recommended that it be placed in the bottom corner of the outside mirror on either side of the vehicle.
  • A test of the positions before installation is highly recommended in order to prevent any problems. 

25# Exterior Car Parts: Front Wipers

As a rule of thumb, a wiper is used to clean a car’s glass that has been exposed to dirt or rainwater. The wipers are usually installed on the front as well as the rear of the vehicle. It will not be a problem for the driver to be able to see clearly through the front windshield with the wipers in operation, so they will be able to drive safely with a clear view.

exterior parts car name front wiper
Exterior parts car name front wiper

It has been proven that an accident is more likely to occur when the driver’s view is obstructed. All kinds of vehicles must be equipped with front wipers due to the fact that they play such a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the vehicle.

  • In some cars, rear wipers are not available, so the front wipers clean the windshield, but the rear wiper cleans the rear windshield.
  • Furthermore, the dirt that remains on the windshield for a long time, which occurs frequently, is very hard to remove, and this is why it needs to be cleaned. If the condition is left untreated, obviously, the driver is likely to have a hindered view, which will increase the risk of an accident while driving.
  • There is a washer that sprays or removes cleaning fluid on the windshield so that it is easier to remove various dirt, such as bugs, from the glass.

26# Exterior Parts of Car: Rear Wipers

A rear wiper is a piece of equipment that is installed on the rear of your car to clean the rear windshield, as you might have guessed. In a car with an unusually flat windshield, such as hatchbacks and SUVs, the rear windshield tends to accumulate dirt and dust, especially with cars that have such a flat windshield.

exterior parts car name rear wiper
Exterior parts car name rear wiper

Their tailgates are flat, so there is almost no air passing through the rear windshield, causing dust and dirt to accumulate on the windshield as a result of there being little air passes through it. The aerodynamics of the cars prevent the water droplets to escape from the car in a way that they would in a sedan, where they would flow away from the car as they would in a sedan.

  • There is a good reason why the dirt on your rear windshield seems to accumulate as soon as your car starts treading on that mushy terrain. There are times when the rear windscreen wipers are of great assistance in such a situation.
  • All the mud or slush that has been deposited on your vehicle is cleaned off with one push of a button, so there is no need to step out of your vehicle to do so.
  • It is very dangerous to drive on a highway at night with a dirty rear windshield, especially since the dirt can accumulate on the glass. It is therefore essential to keep your windscreen clean and in good working condition by frequently using it.

27# Exterior Parts of Car: Running Board

A running board is a platform attached to a vehicle’s doors that helps passengers easily board and leave the car. Running boards are primarily seen on various vehicles where users often experience difficulty while trying to enter or exit because of the high ground clearance.

exterior parts car name running board
Exterior parts car name running board

They typically are made using a nonslip pad made out of heavy steel and rubber or heavy-duty plastic padding for the feet.

  • You don’t have to struggle to get on and off your vehicle if you have running boards. In most trucks, the driver’s seat is the door higher than the rest of the doors, so if your car has a running board then it will help you to conveniently board your vehicle.
  • There is a high likelihood of rocks and dirt appearing on your car’s body when you drive along an unpaved road, causing your car’s body to get dirty every time the door is hit. So, the running board will also help you to protect the car from road residue.
  • Using the running board will be able to get rid of some of the dirt that has accumulated on the soles of your shoes, allowing you to enter your truck with clean shoes.

28# Exterior Parts of Car: Roof rails

You will need a lot of space when you are traveling with friends so that your luggage can be carried. It is possible for you to fix mounts on your car’s roof rails in order to carry heavy luggage on the road, using these rails. This type of roof railing for cars is usually designed using premium-grade plastic, which is known for its durability, superior design, robust nature, and high performance, which ensures that the rails last for a long time, and are exceedingly durable. There are a variety of car roof rails available on the market today that can be easily installed on your vehicle without the need for drilling.

Car Roof rails
Car Roof rails
  • Car roof carriers have the greatest advantage of helping drivers to balance the weight of a vehicle by transferring some of that weight to the roof of the vehicle.
  • The rail in the car can be used by anybody, whether they are a broadcaster or a consumer, to mount the dish antenna in the car in a modern-day scenario where mobility is key.

29# Exterior Parts of Car: Sunroofs

This can be defined as a panel on the roof of a car that is movable or mobile that can be opened to reveal a window from the roof and allow fresh air to enter the car’s passenger compartment through the window.

exterior parts car name sunroof
Exterior part car name sunroof

Depending on where you are in the world, the Car Sunroofs are either manually operated by the user or passengers, or they are motorized; to put it another way, they can be controlled by remote control, which means they can be controlled using features in the car. Several styles, sizes, and shapes can be found when it comes to car sunroofs.

  • There are also added windows that enable the user to breathe in fresh air if he wishes, as they provide him with an extra window.
  • The car sunroof comes in handy especially when one is in traffic because it softens the noise of other vehicles and makes it possible for fresh air to enter the passenger’s compartment.
  • These sunroofs make it possible for the sun to throw in bright rays, which is very useful in cold climates, and they make driving much more enjoyable.

30# Exterior Parts of Car: Tow Hitch

Tow hitches are devices mounted to the chassis of a vehicle for towing purposes and tow bars are attached to the nose gear of aircraft to tow them. In the case of a large or agricultural vehicle, the tow hook usually has a trailer loop, whereby slack in the pivot pin allows similar movements to be made. It may be created with a tow ball for swivelling and articulating the trailer, or with a tow pin. Among the other types of pintles that can be found on military vehicles throughout the world is the towing pintle.

Car Tow Hitch
Car Tow Hitch
  • Tow hitches are very popular for a variety of reasons, and that is due to the fact that they can be used to tow trailers and other heavy loads.
  • Whether you want to carry camping supplies and firewood or sporting gear and tools, this backpack is the perfect choice for carrying a wide variety of items.
  • In addition to allowing easy loading and unloading of items into the bed of your truck, this simple piece of equipment will give you an accessible vantage point to reach items that are hard to reach.

31# Exterior Parts of Cars: Mufflers or the silencer

In most internal combustion engines, there is a muffler that is included within the exhaust system. By acoustic quieting the engine, the muffler can reduce the loudness of the sound pressure created by the engine by reducing the acoustics that is generated.

exterior parts car name mufflers silencer
Exterior parts car name mufflers silencer

This sheet metal was manufactured with roving fiberglass insulation lining the passages and chambers to reduce the noise caused by the exhaust gas when it exits the engine at high speed and/or resonating chambers harmonically tuned to cause destructive interference. Where opposite sound waves cancel each other out when they arrive at the same place at the same time, which causes the noise to be abated by the passages and chambers.

  • Mufflers are designed to reduce and adjust the noise of the exhaust system of the vehicle. The exhaust system is completed by the mufflers, just before the tailpipe, which is the final piece of the system.
  • There is something very fascinating about mufflers – they are able to reduce the sound waves that are emitted from an exhaust system, without restricting the flow of gases that are being emitted.

32# Exterior Parts of Cars: Parking Sensors

As the name implies, parking sensors are also sometimes called proximity sensors, a type of system that is installed on the bumpers of vehicles to assist the driver when parking the vehicle in the parking space. The sensors measure the distance between the driver and an approaching object either in front of it or behind it and they alert the driver if they come too close to it. A sensor emits a beeping tone if an object approaches the sensor, and as it approaches, the beeping tone becomes faster and more frequent.

Cars Parking Sensors
Cars Parking Sensors
  • When parking in a tight space or in a low-lit area, your car can be damaged, dented, or scratched. That is when the parking sensors are used to prevent damage.
  • There is not going to be any problem keeping the floor free of other belongings as long as you keep the sensor from staying on the ground. 
  • There is no doubt that a parking sensor can greatly reduce the stress of parking for those who are used to it. Furthermore, it demonstrates your concern about making sure that they are able to park easily.

33# Exterior Car Part: Modified Leaf Panel

Car Part Modified Leaf Panel
Car Part Modified Leaf Panel

In many car, it is seen to have a better and stunning look. The installation is simple and it doesn’t hurt the exterior of the car. However, it is always recommended to install by professionals only.

34# Exterior Parts of Car: Number plate

Number plates are commonly used to refer to vehicle license plates. An official registration number is embossed on the metal plate attached to a vehicle. In spite of its random appearance, the official license plate number in India is made up of four distinct parts. Vehicles are identified by their number plates located at the front and back.

exterior parts car name number plate
Exterior parts car name number plate

35# Exterior Parts of Car: Logo

Now the logo is a final exterior part of a car that is fixed on all cars to indicate the brand name. Different cars have a different specialized logo and it shines on the manufacturers.

exterior parts car name logo
Exterior parts car name logo

36# Exterior Parts of Car: Car Antenna

You may have noticed that an antenna is installed on the backside of all the cars at an angle. This helps to get good signals for wireless devices, radio etc. Nowadays, many car is not having this car antenna due to the advancement of technology as well as modern future carsOpens in a new tab..

Car Antenna Car Parts Exterior
Car Antenna Car Parts Exterior


Hence, we have learned all the different exterior parts of a car along with their basic ideas & functions. Any questions, please let us know. Check Affiliate LinkOpens in a new tab. in case you want to buy any exterior car parts. Our Videos Refer YouTubeOpens in a new tab..


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