How to Open Frozen Car Door: What to Do? Precautions & Solutions

Several methods are discussed in this article for how to open frozen car door or safely unfreezing a car door. There are some things that are quick and easy, and there are others that can take some patience. Having your car doors freeze due to snow, sleet or freezing rain can be inconvenient and frustrating if you normally park your car outside. You are not only late to your destination, but you are also not enjoying starting the day this way.

It can be difficult to open car doors when temperatures drop due to ice forming on the doors, in the doorframes, or within the locking mechanisms during extreme winter weather. These doors should all be opened without harming their surfaces, weather stripping, or internal components.

It can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to drive during the winter months. If you do not know how to keep car doors from freezing, you can at least prevent winter from coming. In the event that your car doors do freeze, you already know how to solve the problem. You can avoid winter worries as a car owner by following these tips. 

How to Open a Frozen Car Door or Safely Unfreezing a Car Door?

A rubber seal runs along the bottom of car doors to help seal them when they are closed. Whenever the rubber seal is damaged or ripped, moisture can enter, freezing as the temperature drops and making the door freeze shut. The locks on cars also freeze when the weather gets cold.

How to Stop Your Car Door to be Frozen?

01. Check the Door

The first thing you should do is check if all your doors are affected. The car’s heating system works after you open just one door, which allows you to hop into the driving seat and start the engine.

02. Apply Duct Tape

The rubber gasket principle applies to this simple tip as well. Putting duct tape over the door lock prevents moisture from entering the lock and keeps it dry. Keep the doors of your car from freezing shut by installing a dry lock. You should also be careful when applying duct tape as you may damage the paint on your car. 

03. Rubber Gasket Inspection

Car doors and windows have rubber gaskets along their edges that seal them out. In the event the gasket is torn, loose, cracked or missing, moisture can seep through and freeze. You can check these rubber gaskets to ensure they are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

04. Rubber Gasket Cleaning & Lubrication

It can be difficult for your car’s door to seal shut if the rubber gaskets on the doors are dirty and clogged with debris. As a result, moisture seeps into your door and freezes it. It is always best to clean your gaskets with warm soapy water and then to dry them completely after cleaning. You should also clean the gasket on the door itself as well as the gasket around the vehicle’s frame.

Additionally, use a silicone lubricant product and a microfiber cloth to wipe down your gasket. By repelling moisture, you will be able to prevent water accumulation and freezing. Alternatively, you can use cooking spray instead of silicone lubricant, which is available in auto parts stores. Make sure it does not damage your paint by testing it on an inconspicuous spot first.

05. Apply Towel

Being proactive may make sense if your car door freezes frequently. Between the car door and car frame, close a towel in the door just above the window. You will have another option to choose from if your car door is frozen shut. You should avoid snapping off the door handle at all costs.

06. Apply Alcohol

De-icing and freezing can be prevented by rubbing alcohol on the car lock. You can use a paper towel to wipe off rubbing alcohol from your car keys and door locks every week to ensure they remain moist.

07. Use Car Cover

If possible, park your car under cover or in a garage when ice and freezing temperatures are predicted. A tarp or car cover would be the next best option for those without access to that option. As a result, car door parts would be less likely to freeze due to moisture from snow and rain. Lets talk about the basic solutions on how to solve or open the frozen car door.

How to Solve Frozen Car Door Problem?

01. Hot Key Method

The first step in opening any frozen door is to unlock it. Having formed ice around the locking mechanism, and having an actual key, your car will require a heated key to melt the ice away. There are a couple of techniques you can try if your car’s lock is iced over and a physical key is required to open it.

A lighter or a matchstick can be used to heat the metal part of the key. While it isn’t an ideal solution, it should be kept away from plastic or electronic parts and you should make sure not to overheat it.

02. Push & do not pull

The ice might crack with a firm shove if the door is held shut by a thin layer of ice. Your hand should be flat against the door and your body should lean forward & you should push hard but not forcefully.

03. Sprinkle Some Hot Water

If the ice is particularly thick or tough, run some lukewarm water over it to make it softer or melt faster. After you have opened the door, make sure any wet surfaces are dried to avoid more ice forming. Watch out that the water does not get too hot.

04. Hot Air Method

Hair Dryers can melt ice around door frames and thaw locks as an alternative to warm water. A couple of minutes should be spent sweeping the dryer back and forth from about six inches away. The door can be opened once the ice melts.

A hairdryer can reach the car using an extension cord if it is parked in a place where it can reach it. If you are using an electrical device while it is wet and snowy, use extreme caution.

When you do not have any of these at hand & you can try blowing warm air over the lock. You can prepare yourself to wait a while and avoid getting your lips stuck to the cold metal.

05. Apply De-icer Spray

In addition to deicing windscreens, chemical de-icers can also be used to fix stuck doors or locks. It does not matter whether the ice is on the handle, lock, bodywork or rubber seal, the chemicals will break it down. Using a spray de-icer, spray the surface and the lock quickly. For this purpose, you can use an air de-icer spray or a special can with a straw.

06. Remote Start Method

It is easy to start your car with a remote engine start option if your car has a key fobOpens in a new tab.. Using a remote engine start can be a simple and practical solution to unlocking frozen doors on vehicles. Once the ignition is switched on, let the heat of the vehicle’s interior thaw the door. The process may take several minutes, but it is as simple as pressing a button.

07. Ice Prevention Methods

The best way to prevent ice build-up and a frozen car door is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. When it is forecast to snow or ice during winter, then you can cover the vehicle can help keep the doors from freezing shut. Also, the door frame will not form ice when a plastic trash bag is placed inside. Lastly, spray the door, handles, and lock with de-icer to reduce moisture, preventing it from turning into ice. You can prevent your car’s doors from freezing shut by doing the above steps.

08. Use another Door

Try another door if you are having trouble. In some cases, there might be a more sheltered side or a more exposed side of your car that won’t freeze because it is more exposed to sunlight. Start the engine and turn on the heating if you can get in another way. Thawing the frozen door will be easier if you warm the interior of the car.

09. Surface Ice Removal

Use a windscreen scraper or other tool to chip off as much ice as you can if your problem is caused by a stuck handle. Keep your hands away from sharp objects since they can damage the paintwork underneath. When ice forms around the edge of a door, slowly remove as much ice as you can before following the push pull method.

Wrapping it Up

If these methods are to be completed in the winter, plan on allowing extra time. For times when you may need them, keep a pitcher, a snow scraper, or de-icing spray on hand. You will thank yourself in the future, and some of these incidents do not happen at home, so prepare yourself beforehand.

You should also prepare for all the car situations the winter months can throw at you by knowing how to open a frozen car door. Having snow tires will keep you safe in every weather condition, especially if you drive often in the snow. Any questions about how to open a frozen car? Please let us know.


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