30 Different Types of Trucks: Explore World’s Various Truck Type

Let’s explore the different types of trucks in various industries along with a few world’s biggest truck type. Since trucks were designed to move some of the heaviest loads ever created or ever conceived, they are considered some of the strongest vehicles in existence.

Whether you want to move livestock, boats, machinery, equipment, or produce by road, you are going to need a truck regardless of whether you want to go by land. There are even trucks that are made especially for transporting entire loads of hard drives between Amazon Headquarters because it is usually quicker to transport data that way than by using other methods.

Different Types of Trucks

Whatever your opinion of trucks may be, there is still something thrilling and appropriate about driving them, even if these things may not be useful to you.

There are many types of trucks and there are many types of trailers as well, and very few people are aware that there are so many types. The different types of trucks and trailers have a variety of applications and uses, and they all have their own unique advantages. In order for you to have a better understanding of the types of trucks and trailers available in the market, a list of the various options has been provided by professional heavy-duty dealers.

Now we will learn the various types of trucks. Listed below are a few types of trucks you can choose from:-

1# Pickup Truck Type

As the name implies, pickup trucks are light-duty vehicles that are typically equipped with a cabin that is enclosed and an open cargo area with low sides and a tailgate on the rear. The word use, which is a shorthand term for a utility vehicle, is used both in Australia and New Zealand when referring to both pick-up trucks and coupés.

pick up types of trucks
Pick up types of trucks

Application of Pickup Truck

  • Originally conceived of as a utilitarian tool for work and farming with limited creature comforts, pickups became popular among American consumers in the 1950s for recreational purposes.
  • By the 1990s, the majority of owners reported that they primarily used their pickup trucks for work purposes.

Features of Pickup Truck

  • According to the United States Department of Transportation, about 18 percent of the total number of vehicles sold in the US are pickups, which are mostly used as passenger cars.
  • As a result of having high-profit margins and a high price tag, these vehicles are considered high-end vehicles.

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2# Boat Haulage Truck Type

Boats are available in a wide range of sizes, from small to large. In addition to the smaller ones that can be transported with an SUV or a large car, the heaviest and prestigious ones that must be transported by small trucks or low loaders that are very specialized can only be transported by boat haulers.

boat haulage trucks types
Boat haulage trucks types


  • This special flat bottom boat is designed specifically to carry the massive loads of boats and is designed not to speed, but to maintain stability.

3# Australian Road Train Truck Type

A road train is a truck that is used to move road freight more efficiently than a semi-trailer truck when it comes to moving road freight. It is also very similar to a land train or a long combination vehicle. The prime mover must be capable of hauling at least two trailers or semitrailers with a prime mover on board. An example of a long combination vehicle is when multiple trailers are coupled to a tractor as opposed to a 5 axle semi-trailer truck with a single trailer as is the case with standard semi-trailers.

australian road train truck-type
Australian road train truck-type


  • It has been recorded that the longest road train of all time is pulled by a truck pulling more than a hundred trailers at a time.
  • There is no way that a train would be able to carry that load, never mind a truck.


  • Unless you live in Australia where the road from coast to coast is straight as an arrow, there is not much use for road trains except when hauling more than three trailers which is possible because of the straight road alignment.

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4# Car Transporters Truck Type

In this type of car carrier, there are two types: enclosed and open. The enclosed type consists of a single deck and the open type has two decks and is designed with multiple spaces to hold cars during their transit. A ramp can be built into the structure in order to assist with the loading and unloading of vehicles, and it can be open or closed.

car transporters truck type
Car transporters Types of Trucks


  • The paintwork of the car will not be damaged during transport, as it will retain its original appearance even if the car is used or new because these car transporters are that much secure.
  • It can deliver the vehicle within a short period of time.
  • In comparison to other modes of transportation, the price of this method is relatively low.


  • A car is usually transported in a shipping container from the manufacturer to a dealership when it is being sold.
  • They differ from flatbed trucks because they do not come with loaders or winches, which makes them a little different from flatbed trucks.
  • This means that the vehicles are able to load themselves under their own power instead of depending on others.

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5# Refrigerator or Chiller Truck Type

A refrigerated trailer, as the name suggests, is designed to transport a product in a frozen or chilled state in which it is used to transport myriad goods. A temperature-controlled unit is installed in these types of trucks, which enables you to maintain a constant temperature inside the trailer regardless of the outdoor temperature, regardless of how hot or cold it might be outside.

refrigerator chiller truck types
Refrigerator chiller truck types


  • Trailers equipped with refrigeration are special because they are used to transport sensitive materials that have to be handled carefully and stored in a manner that ensures their integrity during transportation.
  • These types of chiller trucks are operating based on refrigeration cycles and meet the temperature requirements.
  • In spite of the fact that temperature-controlled trailers use a lot more fuel than standard trailers in order to keep the temperature controlled, the trailers are still more expensive.


  • A refrigerator truck or refrigerator trailer is a commercial vehicle tasked with transporting foods and supplies in an insulated environment to keep them fresh during transit.
  • In reefer trucks, the ice is used for cooling or mechanical refrigeration. The refrigeration system is powered by displacement diesel engines that are able to power a compressor for cooling or mechanical cooling.

The working mechanism of this truck

  • Dry ice or liquid carbon dioxide can also be used to cool them at high pressures if dry ice or liquid carbon dioxide are used.
  • Originally produced in the early 19th century, these trucks have been completely insulated with high-intensity polymer foam and have been fitted with better ventilation and more airflow in the years following.
  • An ice-cooled truck is one that uses a variety of refrigeration systems that are powered by small displacement diesel engines to keep the interior cool, as well as a refrigeration system that utilizes either liquid or dry ice as a cooling agent, depending on the truck model.

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6# Movable Crane Trucks Types

A mobile crane is a crane that is either controlled by cable or powered by hydraulic power and mounted on a truck-type carrier or it may be self-propelled. The mobile crane can either be controlled by cable or powered by hydraulic power and has a telescopic boom.  It is easy for them to transport to a site, and they can easily handle different types of loads and cargo without having to set up or assemble anything, they are built to be easily transported.

movable crane trucks types
Movable crane trucks types


  • There are many different types of mobile cranes that operate on the principle of wire rope and sheaves attached to the end of a boom from which hooks are hung.
  • Wire ropes are operated by prime movers and transmissions of various kinds which are determined by the designers, depending on the prime movers that are available.
  • Since 1922, crane trucks have been developed over the years, with an internal combustion engine being adopted as the primary power source.


  • All three types of engines have been used in the past, including steam engines, electric motors, and internal combustion engines (IC). It was common for older cranes to have clutch-driven transmissions.
  • Depending on the type and configuration of the crane, some examples can be converted into demolition cranes by adding demolition balls, or into earthmovers by adding buckets or draglines, but the effectiveness of these cranes can be impacted by design details.

The working mechanism of this truck

  • This arrangement is capable of delivering operational advantages by means of electronic controls of hydrostatic drives that are now becoming accepted for considerations of size as well as a variety of other factors.
  • A hydrokinetic element was added to the engine to match the special characteristic of steam engines having the maximum torque at zero speed, which was later modified by adding a hydrokinetic element to match the characteristics of controlled torque converters being used in IC engines.

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7# Cement Truck or Concrete Mixture Truck

Often known colloquially as a cement mixer, a concrete mixer is a combination of materials that are homogenously combined, such as cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to produce concrete as the result. Concrete is typically mixed by means of a concrete mixer that uses a revolving drum to mix the various components.

cement truck concrete mixture truck
Cement truck concrete mixture Types of Trucks


  • Using a hand mixer instead of a machine is an alternative to mixing concrete with a machine.
  • Some companies have begun offering modified tarps for use in this situation. This kind of tarp can be purchased from several companies that sell modified tarps designed for this purpose.
  • Gebhardt Jaeger, an industrialist from Columbus, Ohio, is credited with the invention of the concrete mixer.


  • A portable concrete mixer is often used to make concrete on the construction site for smaller volumes of work, providing the workers with ample time to use it before it hardens, so that the concrete can be poured at the site immediately after mixing.

8# Fire Truck Type

An engine-driven fire truck is used to carry special equipment for putting out a fire in its entirety within minutes of its occurrence. This type of truck is usually equipped with hoses and sirens, as well as enough cargo room for the crew to live in while they operate.

fire trucks types
Fire trucks types


  • An automated lifting ladder is provided on it, as well as breathing apparatuses, such as masks and oxygen containers, which assist in breathing.
  • A firefighter’s uniform and protective clothing are kept alongside this equipment, which helps them perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.


  • There are also first aid kits that are carried by the firemen, as well as walkie-talkies, two-way radios, or walkie-talkies so that these men can communicate with the authorities and take prompt action when necessary.
  • Besides housing water and pumps, the fire truck can also be used to fight the fire by bringing in water and pumps that are needed to fight the fire, with the option of a hose being connected together with a fire hydrant on the scene.

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9# Garbage or Waste Truck Type

Whether they are called garbage trucks or waste collection vehicles, all residents of the United States must be familiar with the importance of waste collection vehicles. Generally speaking, garbage trucks stationed on residential streets pick up smaller amounts of trash and transport them to local landfills, recycling plants, or treatment facilities in order to dispose of them.

garbage waste truck type
Garbage waste Types of truck

The drivers of garbage trucks also have to bear in mind that trucks with large blind spots are capable of causing a large amount of traffic.

Types of garbage trucks roaming around the cities:

Front-loaders garbage truck

Commercial and industrial businesses generally use front loaders to service their waste disposal needs utilizing huge waste containers with lids also known as dumpsters in various parts of the world. By using a joystick or a set of levers on the front of the truck, the driver is able to carefully align the forks on the truck with sleeves on the waste container so that they are in alignment with the forks on the waste container.

Rear-loader garbage truck

There is an opening on the back of rear loaders to allow the rubbish collector to empty the contents of bins or troughs into them, as well as throw the waste bags into those openings. In many areas of the country, they have a lifting mechanism that makes it quite easy for the operator to simply lift the waste without having to lift it by hand since the cart is automatically emptying. 

Side-loaders garbage trucks

In general, a side loader is a loader that loads from the side of the machine, either manually or through the assistance of robotic arms with claws that are controlled by a joystick. A wheeled dustbin can be automatically loaded into the hopper of a truck using a device designed to lift and tip dustbins automatically.

Lift-equipped garbage truck

It is often referred to as an automated side loader (ASL) when trucks are equipped with lifts. An oscillating packer plate at the front of the loading hopper is responsible for compacting the waste at the front of the truck, similar to a front-end loader, by forcing the waste through an opening and into the main body. Consequently, the waste is compacted towards the rear of the truck.

Manual side loaders

The manual side loaders are particularly similar to the front loaders in that the hopper is located in front of the body. There is a difference between a front loader and a back loader. In the case of a back loader, the actual hopper is very short, and is sometimes lower than that of the body, so that the operator can dump the waste into it.

Semi-automated side loader garbage truck

Semi-automated side loaders have a mechanism that allows them to lift and dump manually aligned waste containers into a hopper that is equipped with an automated mechanism to lift and dump the waste containers.

Semi-automated side loaders are fundamentally different from automatic side loaders in the sense that while they still only need one person to operate them, the person must exit the vehicle’s cab on a regular basis to manually push the loads into the loading hopper on the side of the vehicle and dump them. 

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10# Flat-bed Trailer Truck Type

This is the definition of a flatbed car or truck, which is a completely flat, flatbed vehicle with no sides or roof – it is completely flat. The bed of the trailer is literally flat, there are no curves or angles to be found anywhere on it. These types of trucks, therefore, necessary to tie our loads to the surface of the water as a result of the fact that this is the case. Often, the underside of trucks is equipped with hooks, which makes tying down easier than tying tight knots close to the end of the truck.

flat bed trailer truck types
Flat bed trailer truck types

Usually, flatbed trucks or flatbed lorries do not have any sides or roofs at all but are entirely flat and level beds. As well as allowing for the loading and unloading of goods, it is also used to transport heavy loads, which do not require any special handling or treatment and do not need to be handled in a delicate manner.


  • There is no bed to the trailer, it is flat as a pancake. Because of this, loads are tied down with ropes to the surface of the trailer since no bales are needed on the bed of the trailer at all.
  • There are often hooks installed on the truck, making it easier to tie down than simply tying a knot at the point of departure.
  • During transportation, loads that are not properly fastened can slide off, which is why flatbed trucks have gradually lost their popularity as of late because they are not properly fastened.
  • The once-proud trucks are now a dying breed of vehicles that used to be popular across the country.


  • Essentially, the truck is used for the loading and unloading of goods, and also for the transportation of very heavy loads that do not require careful handling or proper handling during the transportation process.
  • For this reason, do not use it for goods that might be damaged by rain, and do not use it for loads that require large space and are abnormally large.

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11# Furniture Truck Type

An automobile that is designed to load and unload furniture is referred to as a furniture truck. The services of moving companies are also often needed when moving huge furniture shipments from manufacturers and dealerships and when moving houses.

furniture truck type
Furniture Types of Trucks


  • It is common for livestock trucks to transport animals to and from farms on a daily basis. Basically, it is a vehicle that is specifically designed for the purpose of containing and moving furniture.
  • There is usually some air space in the back of the trucks or even the top of the trucks in order to provide some fresh air to the livestock so that they won’t feel crowded into a tiny space.
  • Although they are not among the strongest tracks when it comes to strength, they can handle large animals and therefore are some of the most durable.


  • The furniture trucks serve a vital purpose in moving furniture, even though they aren’t particularly sturdy or strong.
  • They come with a ramp or a lift gate, depending on what is needed, as well as the needed ground clearance.
  • It is as much the drivers who do the driving as it is the passengers who assist with the lifting.

12# Highway Maintenance Truck Type

As part of their maintenance programs, highway repair trucks are also equipped with a very special feature that allows one person to stand on the back of the truck and place cones along the highway in order to repair the highway. In this way, specific sections of the highway can be isolated in order to perform repairs as necessary on that specific part of the highway.

highway maintenance truck type
Highway maintenance truck type


  • A retractable crash barrier is also included on the trucks, along with high-intensity lights so that they will be able to operate in the dark as well.
  • It is also equipped with all kinds of tools and is able to accommodate a great deal of cargo space so that it can also be hauled to the repair shop with the appropriate parts and materials.


  • Defective functional pavements should be repaired as soon as possible, and this truck is basically used for it.
  • This truck is used so that the pavement will be able to serve for a longer period of time both structurally and functionally.
  • This truck is also applicable while maintaining an acceptable level of condition on the road reserve.

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13# Tow Truck Type

Let’s move on tow truck type. There are two types of tow trucks, namely, breakdown lorries and recovery vehicles; they are all used to shift vehicles that have been impounded, incorrectly parked, disabled, or otherwise disposed of in any other manner. There are a number of circumstances in which a truck can be brought into a situation in which a law is being broken, as well as an accident, damage to infrastructure, or the removal of a vehicle from a hazardous situation.

tow trucks types
Tow trucks types

It was in Tennessee in 1916 that the first tow truck was invented after the car was pulled out of a creek with the help of six men using ropes and the car in a tow truck. A boom that can be adjusted for different conditions is now used to retrieve vehicles from ditches and other similar circumstances.


  • Tow trucks are most often known for their ability to tow, which is one of their most important features. If a truck is towing a vehicle, it should be equipped with a higher towing capacity than the vehicle that is being towed, otherwise, both vehicles could sustain damages due to the towing.
  • Having control over the overall vehicle weight is not only essential to improving the overall fuel efficiency of towing trucks, but it is also crucial for maximizing the overall fuel efficiency.
  • A truck’s weight is distributed across the front and rear wheels based on the distance the truck travels and whether or not the truck might carry any weight on it.
  • Tow capacity depends on the type of applications and types of trucks, requirements.


  • A car trailer carrier differs from a car trailer transporter in the sense that it does not move vehicles for the purposes of basic transportation; rather, it moves them from places in which they are in danger or where they are posing the danger to the public.

14# Livestock Trucks Type

There are many types of livestock trucks that are used for transporting animals between farms and their owners. The result of this is that they tend to become restless very quickly.

livestock trucks type
Livestock trucks type

Since they must transport heavy animals, this makes them some of the sturdiest vehicles in the world since they are not among the strongest.


  • It is common for the trucks to have a small opening at the back or on top of the vehicle so that the cattle can get daylight and fresh air and not be confined in a small space like they would be if they were in the open.
  • The vehicle is built with specific features in order to hold on to livestock and to hold them in place while they are being transported.
  • In some cases, a special piece of equipment is installed on top of them which keeps them in place as well as ensures they are well maintained.

15# Logging Truck Type

When large amounts of timber need to be transported between far-flung destinations, a timber lorry or logging truck is used to do so. They are equipped with integrated flatbeds or discrete tractor units, which can be configured to spread loads between the tractor units and the dollied trailers, depending on the configuration they are used for.

logging truck type
Logging truck type


  • In these trailers, the cargo is distributed across a tractor unit and a dollied trailer using integrated flatbeds or independent tractor units.
  • Trucks that transport timber between distant locations are sometimes called timber lorries or logging trucks.


  • First of all, in 1913, the first road was built to transport logs cut along the banks of river beds and transported to the city or towns nearby that were nearby.
  • The logging industry has faced huge amounts of demand as a result of the start of World War I, and to meet that demand as efficiently as possible, more and more logging trucks have been built to meet that demand.

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16# Tanker Truck Type

Let’s talk about the tanker type of truck. When it comes to transporting liquids or liquefied materials, a tanker is usually used. There are many forms of industrial wastewater to be treated, including oil, gasoline, water, liquid chemicals, etc. It is not uncommon for containers to be insulated, pressurized, and equipped with multiple loads at a time.

tanker truck type
Tanker truck types

Due to the high center of gravity of the tankers, they are very difficult to drive, which means that they require special equipment. The spillable cargo they carry makes them extremely dangerous as well, which is a result of the fact that they are very heavy.


  • A fuel truck is a truck that is specially designed to transport fuel from the point where it is prepared to the point where it will be sold from the place of preparation.
  • In order to maintain maximum stability, the fuel truck needs to maintain a high level of stability at all times, because the fuel can tend to be very unstable when it performs a movement when it is in motion.

17# Tipper Truck Type

A dump truck, sometimes also referred to as a dumping truck, dumping trailer, dumper trailer, dump lorry, dumper lorry, or simply a dumper or simply a dumper for short, is a vehicle that is used for the transportation of coal as well as construction materials.

tipper types of trucks
Tipper types of trucks


  • There are a few basic dump trucks that are equipped with open beds, hinged at the back, and equipped with hydraulic rams for lifting the front, which allows the material in the bed to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the location where the shipment is being delivered.


  • It is important to note that this term is often used throughout the world to refer to off-road construction plants only, while the road vehicles are referred to as tip lorries, tipper lorries, tipper trucks, and tip trucks, tip trailers, or tippers, or even simply tippers.

18# Trailer Truck Type

Various countries use a term known as a full trailer for freight trailers that are supported by two axles that are towed by a draw bar and pulled by a front axle and rear axle. This same trailer is known in Europe as an A-frame drawbar trailer, which is the same vehicle described above. This structure has a width of just under two and a half meters and a length of just over 35 feet to 40 feet.

trailer truck type
Trailer truck type


  • Heavy supplies are transported long distances by freight trailers.
  • Moving furniture and supplies is one use for them; however, they can also be used for moving large shipments of raw materials. Several companies are built on moving large volumes thousands of miles away and making lots of money.

19# Snow Plow Truck Type

The term ‘snow plow’ refers to vehicles that are mounted with devices designed to plow through the snow but which were not specifically designed to do it. Winter support vehicles can also be categorized in the same category as these vehicles. In urban areas, snow plowing machines are typically smaller and are mounted on vehicles for the same purpose as snowplows.

snow plow truck type
Snow plow truck type


  • In general, snow plows have one purpose, and that is to provide clearance for cars on the roads by clearing the snow that accumulates on the roads.
  • This is done by plows that are designed for this purpose.
  • Snow and ice can be removed from outdoor surfaces which are serving as surfaces for transportation in the form of snow and ice scrapers.

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20# 18-Wheeler Truck Type

Usually an 18-wheel semi-trailer truck, these trucks are types of semi-trailers. These types of trucks are the most common types of trucks used to transport cargo. A freight load shipped in an 18-wheeler truck makes up nearly 85 percent of all freight loads transported in the United States.

18 wheeler truck type
18-Wheeler Truck Types


  • In addition to employing a large percentage of the world’s workforce, they are an essential part of the human ecosystem.
  • As well as being a symbol of human ingenuity and intelligence, they represent the working class like no other vehicle.


  • Trucks are built for a variety of tasks, including transporting big vehicles, food, condiments, oil and gas, water, furniture, and even huge pieces of machinery and equipment.
  • This is a literal metal beast that covers long stretches of highways every day to ensure that essential supplies are delivered to industries and entire towns in order for industries to function and populated areas to survive.

In addition to above, there are a few types of unique & largest trucks available in the world. Let us see these types of truck models as well

21# Scania V8 Range Truck Model

In the Swedish automotive industry, this is a new vehicle that has a high capacity as well as a high level of reliability. Despite the fact that it consumes less fuel, the machine is supposed to provide high productivity. Thanks to its great power, you will be able to transport enormous loads efficiently through challenging terrain with the help of this largest truck in the world.

Scania V 8 Range Truck Model
Scania V 8 Range Truck Model


  • Despite its impressive size, the airplane weighs 23 tonnes and has a fuel tank capacity that is beyond imagination.
  • It is designed to be practical and comfortable, with an interior that is both practical and comfortable. It can be used in a variety of industries in a profitable and sustainable way, due to its flexible interior design.
  • As a result of its engine’s power and torque, this beast can perform its chores with 770 horsepower and 3700-newton meters of torque, making it the ultimate beast to handle any task.

22# FH16 Volvo 750 Truck Model

In essence, the truck is made in Sweden, and it is designed to transport large loads of visible cargo at high speeds and at a high average speed on different types of roads, with good maneuverability and power. It is a powerful and maneuverable truck. This truck has a magnificent length of 5.7 meters, weighs 18 tonnes, and has a capacity of caring more than 400 gallons or 1500 liters of fuel. In terms of its size, it has a height of 57 feet or 1.3 meters.

fh 16 volvo 750 truck model
FH 16 Volvo 750 Truck Model


  • A virtual assistant screen can be found on the screen of the device, along with an external camera and smart security features, so that driver could get every facility needed for it to drive smoothly.
  • The engine of this vehicle is powered by a 750 horsepower engine and delivers 3550 newtons of torque. A number of places around the country have seen this truck carrying heavy loads of cargo, demonstrating its strength.

23# MAN TGX Truck Model

An excellent maneuverability and low fuel consumption are characteristics of this new truck produced in Germany. With its design, it is intended to ensure optimum comfort, performance, and economy, all with the appearance of being dependable. A rotary control system with an integrated touch screen has been fitted to the machine, and it works with a new rotary control system.

man tgx truck model
MAN TGX Truck Model


  • In addition to its 19-foot length, it weighs not less than 20 tons and has a diameter of 10 feet. This vehicle has two gasoline tanks, both of which can hold an incredible amount of fuel, i.e. 350 gallons plus over the course of its lifespan.
  • With 640 horsepower and 2500 newton meters of torque, it features ergonomic controls and plenty of rest space, so that the long journey does not feel uncomfortable.

24# Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck Model

This German-made vehicle is a new model that is both economical and dependable. There is no doubt that this model promises to deliver excellent safety, great power, and low fuel consumption at the same time. As far as long-distance heavy hauling goes, this is an excellent choice due to its features that make it so effective.

Mercedes Benz Actros truck models
Mercedes Benz Actros truck models

This truck has a gross weight of 26 tonnes and a length of 22.3 feet which is incredible, and its gross weight is listed as 26 tonnes. As far as the reliability of its parts is concerned, they have been known to last for an extended period of time.


  • This huge truck model is equipped with an eight cubic meter cabin which is large and comfortable, as well as a pair of fuel tanks which have a combined capacity of 300 plus gallons of fuel respectively.
  • In addition to the amazing engine, it comes with in this truck, it also has a 3000-newton meter of torque and 625 horsepower.

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25# Cascadia Freightliner Truck Model

It is an American-designed and manufactured truck, which can be used to increase productivity and profitability. These trucks are connected to a new platform that allows you to change parameters and use diagnostic tools featuring a smooth and comfortable journey. In addition to being aerodynamic, it has a fuel-efficient design so in short, we can say that these trucks are cost-efficient and perfect for long-distance travel.

Cascadia Freightliner truck models
Cascadia Freightliner truck models


  • There is a sophisticated control panel in the cabin of the airplane and it possesses a gross weight of 27 tonnes.
  • Besides being equipped with a 615 horsepower engine and a torque of 3000-newton meters, the vehicle is also equipped with radar and camera sensors for detecting objects on the road.

26# Kenworth W990 Truck Model

This is an American classic-style heavy hauler truck that is built in a large capacity and is designed to be more efficient on long routes of heavy hauling. With its deluxe cabin and comfortable seating, and a lot of equipment, the truck has a lot of room for storage and equipment.

kenworth w 990 truck model
Kenworth W 990 Truck Model


  • It is capable of carrying up to 200 plus gallons of fuel in its fuel tankOpens in a new tab., which has a capacity of 26 tonnes.
  • Aside from that, it also has a remote diagnostic system and a driving aid system, and it is powered by an engine that produces a power output of 605 horsepower and a torque output of 2780 newtons.

27# IVECO S-WAY Truck Model

As an efficient and sustainable vehicle, it is a new design manufactured in Italy, with modern communication technology and features for driver assistance, making it a car that enhances the life of the driver as well as corporate profitability. With a gross weight of 18 tonnes, this vessel also comes with numerous additional amenities in addition to the spacious cabin.

iveco s way truck model
IVECO S Way Truck Model


  • In order to power it, the vehicle is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that has 570 horses and 2500 newton meters of torque.
  • In order to give it a range of more than a thousand miles, it has two fuel tanks with a capacity of 950 liters each.

28# DAF XF Truck Model

The vehicle is made in the Netherlands and it is known for its reliability and long life. There is a lot of effort put into making this vehicle efficient and providing the highest level of comfort to the driver. In addition to the trucks being connected to a real-time management platform, the truck is also able to receive data regarding driving and vehicle metrics in real-time.

daf xf truck model
DAF XF Truck Model


  • Having a length of 20 feet, weighing in at approximately 20 tonnes, and a capacity of 400 gallons, it is equipped with a massive fuel tank that boasts a capacity of 200 gallons, giving it an output of about 200 horsepower.
  • This huge truck has an engine that has a power output of 530 horsepower with a torque output of 2600 newtons meters.

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29# Peterbilt 579 Truck Model

In the United States, the vehicle is a highly efficient vehicle designed to provide excellent performance, safety, and efficiency while at the same time lowering operational costs to the company.

peterbilt 579 truck model
Peterbilt 579 truck model

With its exceptional maneuverability, this truck is a great choice for transport and logistics activities because of its exceptional maneuverability. The car has a driving aid system that alerts the driver when an object is detected and provides him with information about it.


  • With an overall weight of 18 tonnes, this truck has an interior that is spacious and comfortable with a great deal of storage space.
  • There is also an engine in this truck that can produce 510 horsepower and 2500 newton meters of torque, and the truck is also equipped with such engines.

30# Ford f-max 500 Truck Model

A high-speed, low-consumption vehicle is designed for heavy-duty long-distance transport that is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the cost per mile. Besides its 19.6-foot massive and useful length, it also has a gross weight of 19 tonnes.

ford f max 500 truck model
Ford F Max 500 Truck Model


  • There are two gasoline tanks with a total capacity of 277 gallons and a touchscreen for using the navigation system in addition to a multi-functional driving aid system.
  • The truck is also equipped with two bedrooms for the driver and a spacious cabin to ensure that he or she has a comfortable trip.
  • The vehicle also features a 500 horsepower engine which generates 2500 newton meters of torque along with a 500 horsepower engine.

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Caterpillar 797B

This is the World’s biggest trucks in the world and it is normally used to transport a huge amount of materials mainly in mining industries. It can be said as the giant of trucks and the capacity is huge. Its all components are very heavy duty, hardy & very costly.

caterpillar 797 b trucks
Caterpillar 797 B Trucks

Let’s see its dimensions and weight:

  • Length if this truck = 20.6 metres
  • Height of this truck = 8.16 metres
  • Width of this truck = 9.87 metres wide.
  • Empty weight = 350 – 360 tons
  • Load carry = 400- 450 tons

Wrapping it up

Whether it’s transporting goods or providing logistical support, trucks have always played an important role in the large economic sector. Our advancements in technology even make it necessary to understand the downsides of trucks in terms of air and sound pollution, where light trucks are more cost-effective at the same time as medium and heavy trucks are more environmentally friendly.

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